Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More of This and That

I am quite upset at myself. Last week I was out of the house a lot and though I got my main weekly tasks done, I was not able to get a start on any projects I've been wanting to work on for a long time. So, I had 2 outings planned for this week and I told myself that those were the only 2 outings I would go to. The first one was yesterday and the second was for either Thursday or Friday.

In the middle of doing dishes today I got a phone call from DearDaughter1's best-friend's mom asking if we wanted to go over their house to bake peanut butter cookies with them. I had a long To Do list that I really wanted to accomplish today and I really should have declined the invitation.

Lately, DearDaughter1 and DearDaughter2 have been waking very early in the mornings, not giving me any time to do any chores at that time anymore. I try to get chores done while they are awake and while DearDaughter2 is asleep, but with all the interruptions during the day, it's difficult to get much done. However, it's still time to get stuff done, especially when the evenings are the only times now that I do have time to work. It's quite draining because I feel like I don't get any rest at all.

I get up at 4:50am to feed DearDaughter2. Right after that I start on DearHubby's breakfast and lunch. Then, after DearHubby leaves, I used to sit and do my devotions and then get a few chores done before the girls got up, but now I feel like my morning time is being intruded upon with the girls getting up at about the time DearHubby leaves the house. Then, we get to the real work of the day, childrearing. Childrearing is such a full time job and for me it starts at 6am and usually ends around 7:45pm. If I'm having a bad evening, then the real work doesn't stop until 8:30-9pm. I do try to take a little break afterwards, but then I'm off to work again on house chores until it's time to prepare for bed, around 10pm, but I don't usually get to sleep until 11pm. It's a long work day.

Therefore, last week, was sort of like a "vacation" week for me and I didn't really feel guilty for playing hookie. Yet, I really didn't want to establish being out of the house often as a daily habit.

So, I'm upset at myself because I knew I should have declined the baking invitation. The only reason I accepted is because I had an outing with my friends yesterday and both girls did really well and was very patient with the whole outing, despite how bored they were...and I didn't have any plans with DearDaughter1's best friend for the whole week. I thought it would have been a good break for her.

So, as a Mommy, did I make a good decision? How about as a Homemaker, knowing that I have many many many many many tasks that needs to get done.

Well...I've got more to write, but I should get back to work. I'll share my blessings and thoughts about online grocery shopping in my next posts soon.

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