Friday, April 18, 2008

Do You Fear Man or God?

There are a few blogs that I am "loyal" to because I don't usually have the time to stop and read random blogs. However, now and then, when I need a break, I do browse. What I was amazed to find were many posts where Christian writers were discouraged about blogging and wondered whether to stop or not. One Christian writer was so discouraged because he had hoped to gain loyal readers through his writings and he noticed that his readership had gone down. In turn he blamed his audience by saying that many bloggers are just writing about their own opinions and trivial things, so he must be targeting the wrong audience anyway.

A few years ago I started A Forum For Christian Women. It was supposed to be a message board set up for some local friends and I. Whenever we got together, we always talked about interesting topics and we always had a different Biblical view about the topics. Since we all had internet access, I thought it would be great to be able to discuss these issues online and be able to share Biblical references with one another and have it all recorded so that we could always reference back to these issues if we needed to. None of my local friends were interested in the forum and my efforts in getting the word out to colleges and various online groups failed. I wondered if I was supposed to close the forum down or not.

It turned out that I had one faithful participant, a DearFriend, who lives about 1 1/2 hours from me. Through this forum and her participation on it, we have been able to encourage one another in the Lord, through different articles and posts, and even prayer requests and giving thanks!

The forum gets random visits now and then and the posts have dramatically slowed down. However, it is still up and running. I decided that even if just one other person is encouraged to Christ by the forum then the forum was worth keeping online. It beats any porn sight out there that absolutely does not deserve to be online at all. We need more Christian sites out there!!!

Therefore, as I started my blog, here on blogger, my hope was to just write as the Lord led, and not worry about who was reading my blog or not. I guess my one responsibility as a Christian writer is to pray to God daily for words of wisdom so that I am displaying His light even in the midst of discouraging times so that if I do get a random reader pop in, they still see Christ in me and not my flesh.

I would like to encourage all Christian writers to just keep doing what they're doing and not get discouraged by your readership count. If it's time to take a break for awhile, do so, because it might just be time for you to rest. However, if you continue writing, write with the desire to please God and not men. When you keep your eyes on pleasing your heavenly Father, others will see your genuine love for God and it's our lives shining for God's glory that matters. There's enough sites out there that reflect this world...We need more sites out there that points upwards and reflects Heaven!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I follow your blog through my Google Reader and don't often get around to leaving comments. I just wanted to thank you for this post...not only does it apply in the area of writing what God leads us to write, it applies to EVERYTHING in our lives. I have a situation that has been bothering me with some extended family members and I was QUICKLY reminded even by the TITLE of your post that I am only to live my life for GOD and not for any of them. :) Thank you for boldly proclaiming what God leads you to write. Know that you have a faithful reader out here in Kansas! :) God bless, Missy

Bren said...

VERY well said!!! Amen!!

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