Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finding the Perfect Shoe!!!

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I have searched long and far to finally find the perfect shoes for DearDaughter1. DearDaughter1 no longer have any clothes from my baby showers or any more hand me downs and so I have been shopping for clothes for DearDaughter1 since after Christmas, of course hitting all the sales. The only item that I held off on purchasing were shoes that she could wear at church. Well, I finally found those shoes and I love them...and so does DearDaughter1! What is so perfect about them? They are like those popular Crocs, but they're very stylish!!! Instead of just plain holes, the design on the Mary Janes are daisies. Then, on the strap, there is a silver daisy, just adding that final touch to make it go with a church dress. Oh, and of course, they seem very comfy...They're so light!!!! Therefore, it's perfect because they're comfy, they're casual enough to wear every day with jeans, but they're also cute and dressy enough to wear at church! In addition, I bought the shoe for DearDaughter1 to grow into and so she can wear them with socks now while it's still winter time, but as she grows into them, she'll be able to wear them without socks in the summer. I am hoping these shoes will last until the fall time!!! I loved them so much that I bought them in 2 colors, white and blue!!! I got them at The Children's Place. They were $7.50 each, but I had a 15% off coupon, so I ended up paying around $12+ for both. I thought they were a great deal considering that I am hoping they last until fall. It's a great feeling to find exactly what I was looking for! I am glad I held off for the PERFECT shoe!!!

Check them out here...They don't even sell the white ones online and they were going really fast at the store!

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