Thursday, January 31, 2008

Holiday Homemade Ideas

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Although it's about a month past Christmas, I wanted to share some homemade holiday ideas that I used this past holiday season.

First, homemade holiday pillow cases. I really wanted to make pillow cases for my couch pillows, but I ran out of time. At the last minute, I came up with a brilliant idea! I took a regular sized queen sized white pillow case and put my couch pillow in it. I then folded the extra material over the pillow and took a 1 1/2" wide red ribbon, purchased in the craft area, and tied a bow around the pillow, like one would when tying a bow around a present. The idea was cheap and very festive and did the job!

Second, homemade holiday bibs. I really wanted to have holiday bibs for the girls for our Christmas dinner. However, when I searched for holiday bibs, all I could find were sayings like "I've been good this year Santa!" or other Santa sayings. I really wasn't interested in those bibs so as I shopped around, I ran into very festive wash cloths, like 6 for $5. Each wash cloth had a cute winter picture on the corner and I decided that they were big enough for a bib. I took the same ribbon that I used for the pillow cases and just sewed a couple of bib straps at 2 of the wash cloth corners. The bibs turned out to be better than a regular bib because they were big enough to cover the whole front of the girls and we didn't have to worry about any food getting on the girls' Christmas clothes.

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