Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After Christmas

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I can't believe how quickly Christmas came and went! It went by too quickly for me and I wish it could have lasted just a bit longer. I must say that this has been one of the best Christmas-es I've had in a long time! It was perfect!

Our family celebration began on Christmas Eve. After our Christmas Eve dinner we had a birthday celebration for Jesus. I baked a chocolate cake and decorated the top with "Happy B-Day Jesus 2007". We sang Happy Birthday Jesus and explained to DearDaughter1 that we celebrate Christmas because it is the day we remember Jesus' birth day. Since DearDaughter1 is only 2 years old she only understands that birthdays are celebrated and that it's filled with lots of JOY! Nonetheless, DearHubby and I persistently reminded her that Christmas is Jesus' birthday.

I woke up early Christmas morning for some final gift preparations and after our homemade pancake, homemade biscuit, and eggs breakfast we all sat in the living room to open our gifts. DearDaughter2 was first because she's the youngest, but also because we wanted her to enjoy this time in her new Bumbo seat, which was the present she opened up first. We then had DearDaughter1 open up her first and second present, a Nativity play set and Nativity board book. We then sat around DearHubby and read the story of Jesus' birth and explained Christmas to DearDaughter1 one last time before opening up the rest of our presents.

DearDaughter1 had such a joyous time opening up her gifts. It was a lot of fun seeing her enjoy Christmas. If there's 2 things she knows about Christmas time, it's that it is Jesus' birthday and because of it there is much JOY! That's good for a 2 year old.

So, that's why I really enjoyed Christmas time this year. Although we had presents to open up, DearHubby and I really made it a point to stress Jesus during this time. It was an awesome opportunity to share God's good news with our children and we thank God for it!

Well, today, I need to go over our budget and see how much we're over it...It'll be a long day so I'll end this here...

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Susan said...

Gen, you did a beautiful job of making Christmas meaningful for your children. I love the cake and I know your daugther will always remember that (and eventually your baby too). Our tradition too is to always make a cake or dessert for Jesus and sing "Happy Birthday". I am so glad that my parents never brought me up with Santa and I hope to always follow the same thing with my boys. It's always Jesus that we empthasize as the ONLY reason we have Christmas and to give and receive gifts. We try not to go overboard with gifts either (or at least don't spend too much money). Thanks for sharing your life with us. Oh and that cream puff cake looks out of this world. I make regular cream puffs with homemade custard just like my dad did at his bakery and this sounds similar tasting. I want to try it sometime.

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