Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

1. Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to fly to Texas in February for DearHubby's knee surgery. His knees have recovered and have been strong for him.

2. Thank you, Lord, for the lessons you've taught us through difficult situations and for using our sins to bring us to our knees so that we can depend on your strength over our own. (i.e. the trip to Texas and DearHubby's recovery)

3. Thank you, Lord, for your strength in getting me through a painful pregnancy and giving us a beautiful and lovely daughter.

4. Thank you, Lord, for sufficiently providing for our financial needs and for giving us the opportunity to renovate our home.

5. Thank you, Lord, for placing in our lives brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus who genuinely care for and love us.

6. Thank you, Lord, for technology and the opportunity it provides to send words of greetings, encouragement, and love to those afar.

7. Thank you, Lord, for digital cameras that help us capture precious moments to share with others for years and years to come.

8. Thank you, Lord, for our children. They are such precious treasures and our love for them is indescribably BIG for them!

9. Thank you, Lord, for abundantly providing for our material needs. We have an overflow of children's clothing and can even share with others in need.

10. Thank you, Lord, for enlightening Christian authors who share their "revelations" and help keep other brothers and sisters encouraged by your Word.

11. Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to minister to others through formal and informal ways and using us to give help, encouragement, and love in your name.

12. Thank you, Lord, for giving me a husband who loves you and desires to live by your Word and to train our children up knowing you.

13. Thank you, Lord, for your inexplicable mercy that saves us from eternal doom and thank you, Lord, for your amazing grace that gives us eternal life. We have a hope that is eternal.

14. Thank you, Lord, for sacrificing your life to save ours.

15. Thank you, Lord, for your blood that washes us clean.

16. Thank you, Lord, for your wide and deep love for us that you would make us your children despite our sins.

17. Thank you, Lord, for your rod that helps us learn what is not pleasing to you and helps turn us towards your righteousness.

18. Thank you, Lord, for giving us your Word to help instruct and encourage us in this discouraging, depraved, and darkened world.

19. Thank you, Lord, for always revealing your sovereignty to us in nature by the changes in season and uncontrollable acts of nature like storms and floods and droughts and sunshine and rain. You are God and nature proves it.

20. Thank you, Lord, that we can call you Father and run to your arms to find comfort and strength.

21. Thank you, Lord, for your abundant blessings that I can sit here all day and give you Thanksgiving. We are grateful that you are our God and we THANK YOU, we THANK YOU, we THANK YOU!!!

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