Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday #1

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

DearDaughter2 is now 3 months old, actually 4 months old tomorrow and the chaos is finally starting to settle and order is finally returning back to our home. Now that DearDaughter2 is finally on a good sleeping routine I can think about cleaning and organizing my home again.

2 months ago we had major construction work done in our home and dust was every where. Every week on my task list, I have the intention of cleaning out all the dust created from the construction, but I always keep it at the bottom of the priority list and then I never get to it.

Therefore, I developed a plan to clean and organize my home in bite sized portions and since I employed my husband's help, Tuesdays have become the days that I've been putting that time aside to tackle those tasks that stay at the bottom of the list. Well, I remember seeing "Tackle it Tuesday" banners on others' blogs and I have finally decided to join the band wagon.

See all the construction dust in the corner!

You can see the actual line between "clean" and "dirty"

Dust layer on stereo system

2 Swiffer dusters were used for this tackle! YIKES!!!

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My first tackle was a simple one, but it needed to get done. The corners behind my stereo system, couch, and computer were covered in dust from the construction work. I couldn't believe we were living with such "filth". I did keep the touchable surfaces wiped down, but I needed to do these "under the carpet" areas. It took me a total of 2 hours for the whole project and 2 Swiffer dusters. I had to move everything to get to those areas. I even moved our whole computer system and when I plugged everything back in, the sound stopped working. Boy, did that turn into a whole different project, just figuring out how to get the sound back. Well, everything worked out and I feel so RELIEVED, like a huge burden off my shoulders and a HUGE task off my to do list!!! Just doing that made my home seem so much cleaner!

I didn't take any after pictures...It does look 1000% better...Trust me :)

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