Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Current Morning Routine

I am so happy that DearDaughter1 loves her little sister and has accepted the fact that she's here to stay. She even looks forward to seeing her get up in the morning.

So, just for keep's sake, here's our current morning routine...

I am normally up with DearHubby at 4:45am to help him put together his breakfast and lunch. After DearHubby leaves, I spend time either doing chores or updating my online journals. Between 7:30am and 8am, DearDaughter1 wakes up. I give her a few minutes to get used to the fact that she's awake and then I spring into her room with a smile on my face and a bright "Good Morning!!!" I give her a big hug and kiss and get her out of her crib. Often, DearDaughter1 is excited to see everything around her and she starts identifying all the things she sees. Then, she remembers DearDaughter2 and she says "Baby up?" So, I put on DearDaughter1's shoes (our bedroom is in the old part of the house and the floors are not the best to walk barefooted on) and head off to get "Baby" up. DearDaughter1 usually runs to DearDaughter2's cradle,unwraps her blanket, and calls her by her nickname, "Baby-O". I make sure that I am right behind DearDaughter1 with a bright smile on my face so that when "Baby-O" is startled awake by her big sister she is greeted with some sort of comfort. As soon as DearDaughter2 gets over being startled she gives both DearDaughter1 and I a great big smile. I then pick DearDaughter2 up and kiss her. Then, I bend over for DearDaughter1 to kiss her. My 2 girls are just so adorable!!! DearDaughter2 already adores her big sister and DearDaughter1 already takes good care of her little sister. It's so neat to already see them getting along so well! I hope their friendship grows and lasts

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