Monday, November 12, 2007

November 11-17, 2007

Miracle of the Week: None this Week

Parable of the Week: Unmerciful servant

I'm not sure how last week got away from me, but it did. The issue is that the only time I really have to work on chores is right before the girls wake up and the hour in the afternoon when they're down for their afternoon nap. So, last week, my priority was to sort through all the hand me down clothes the girls have gotten, store them, remove all their summer clothes, wash and store them, and then wash all the fall and winter clothes to replace the summer ones. I don't ever remember such an ordeal growing up, however, I also lived in a much more steady climate and we never got hand-me-downs. It's easy to just get rid of old clothes and replace them with new ones. Anyway, this whole ordeal of sorting, washing, and storing clothes took up all of my free time when the girls were down and the rest of the time was used to just maintain the minimal daily chores I could get away with. I hope the Lord will give me the opportunity to get more caught up in my house work as well as the opportunity to go to Bible study this week. I missed out on our last Bible study because I felt a need to stay home since I was behind again on house work. May the Lord help me serve Him better in my home by getting the feeding I need at church.

Projects of the Week: Sort through DearDaughter1's birthday gifts and find a spot for them, Clean DearDaughter1's indoor slide, Store my summer & maternity clothes and take out winter clothes, Review budget & pay due bills, September/October/November birthday cards (send Thanksgiving cards), Deep vacuum Living Room area (behind rest of the entertainment system, behind the futon),
Bathroom Area of the Week: Overall Master Bathroom, Toilets, Bathtub

Sunday: The Lord's Day!
Grocery Day (DearHubby and I are still trying to work out a schedule so that we don't have to do groceries on Sunday. It was getting difficult for me to do the groceries alone and so I needed to employ DearHubby's help.)
Monday: Finish Bible Study Lesson, Regular Laundry, Dishes, Vacuum, Toilets, Pick up Pictures from JC Penny
Tuesday: Budget & Bills, Hair cut
Wednesday: Bible study, lunch with Encouraging Sister, Wal-Mart run to purchase extra items
Thursday: Paper work, DearDaughter1's birthday gift project, Change sheets and towels, Master Bathroom Cleaning
Friday: Regular Laundry, Birthday cards, Deep vaccuum project
Saturday: Bathtub

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