Monday, November 19, 2007

November 18-24, 2007

Miracle of the Week: None this Week

Parable of the Week: Watchful servants

Projects of the Week: Clean DearDaughter1's indoor slide, Store my summer & maternity clothes and take out winter clothes, Review budget & pay due bills, Deep vacuum Living Room area (behind rest of the entertainment system, behind the futon),
Bathroom Area of the Week: Overall Main & Master Bathroom

Sunday: The Lord's Day!
Grocery Day (DearHubby and I are still trying to work out a schedule so that we don't have to do groceries on Sunday. It was getting difficult for me to do the groceries alone and so I needed to employ DearHubby's help.)
Monday: Regular Laundry, Dishes, Vacuum, Master Bathroom Cleaning
Tuesday: Budget & Bills, Regular Laundry, Deep Vacuum project
Wednesday: Update the girls' blog, Clean indoor slide, Change sheets and towels, Main Bathroom Cleaning
Thursday: Paper work
Friday: Start next week's Bible study lesson, Regular Laundry, Errand running day
Saturday: Clothes project

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