Monday, November 19, 2007

Did You Ever Wonder...

I had the privilege of catching up with my "first" boyfriend this past Thursday. The word FIRST is in " " because I don't know that we officially dated and I just don't count anyone I dated before I became a Christian a boyfriend.

I met Steve in high school. I was only 14 and he was 16. To make a long story short, I had the biggest crush on him. I gave him my number one day, he called me, and we started hanging out. One day he invited me to his house while his parents were gone. He took me up to his room and we started to make out. We ended up on his floor and...All I kept thinking at that time was what my parent always told me, "Don't have premarital sex." I stopped the make out session and that was the end of our "relationship". He didn't want to see me again. I was hurt and vowed to never play the dating game again (unless it was to purposely dump the guy...Now, remember, I was not yet a Christian.)

Steve soon found another girlfriend and I think the next year I transferred to another high school. Steve also soon moved away.

The wierd thing about our relationship is that we continued to keep in touch. I think I visited his home a couple times after I transferred high schools. Then, he called me several times throughout high school and even into my first years of college. It was wierd because when I became a Christian, dating didn't seem to interest me anymore. Jesus became the love of my life and I truly vowed that I would not date anyone until I knew I would be his wife. So, I never thought about Steve again. The only time I talked about him was when I was already dating DearHubby and I told him about the only time I almost lost my virginity before marriage. I hadn't seen or heard from Steve for over 10+ years.

So, I was going through my Juno e-mail last Thursday, looking for my sleep "training manual" link. There were over 500+ e-mails, which by the way displays how much I check that account. As I was skimming through the junk I ran into a e-mail whose subject header was "1 unread message is waiting for you. See who's trying to contact you." I went to the link and what do you know, it's Steve! To think, after all these years, he still remembers me...Well, I couldn't open the message because I had to be a Classmates Gold Member, but he left his MySpace URL on the subject header. I visited it and he is a DJ and possibly a web designer (?) and he's expecting his first. The freaky thing is that we both met in California and we are now both here, cross country, in the same area.

I didn't try to contact him...I did e-mail my DearHubby right away and when he got home I showed him the link. I don't know if I will contact Steve or not...Now this may be prideful of me, but all day long I kept thinking that I must have made an impression on Steve if he's still thinking of me after all this time. Could God have already been using me then, even when I wasn't yet a Christian? Well, if anything, the only way we'd even purpose to contact him is if DearHubby and I made it a point to share the gospel with Steve and his wife. We'll see where the Lord takes this...

If anything, it answers my "I wonder what ever happened to..." question...Not that I really was thinking it, but it still answers it...

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