Monday, October 01, 2007

Revisiting MyRoutine

EveryDay Tasks:
1. Devotions
2. One Load of Laundry (washed and folded)
3. Dishes cleaned
4. PersonalShower/Dressed by 12pm
5. Cook/make meals
6. Beds made, toys put away, things put in their place
7. Trash
8. Sort through mail.
WeekEnd Task: Grocery Shopping

Weekly focus on ONE Room: Vacuum, dust, purge and organize as many areas that week

Sunday: The Lord's Day!
Monday: Bathroom cleaning
Tuesday: Look over budget and file paperwork, Exercise
Tuesday and Friday: Surface vacuum
Wednesday: Change sheets and towels, Dust ONE Room
Thursday: Vacuum ONE Room, Exercise
Friday: Purge and Organize ONE Room
Saturday: NO Housework! TIME with FAMILY!

Sample Daily Schedule:
5:30 Shower
6:00 Devotions
6:30 Breakfast
7:00 Choice chore of day
8:00 MyGirls: Get up, breakfast, prepare for the day
9:00 DearDaughter1: Sesame Street
9:30 DearDaughter2: Nap
10:00 DearDaughter1 & Mommy: Snack time, Prayer time
10:15 DearDaughter1: Reading time
10:30 DearDaughter1: Activity #1
10:45 DearDaughter1: Activity #2
11:00 DearDaughter2: Lunch
.....DearDaughter1 & Mommy: Lunch
.....DearDaughter2: Activity
12:00 DearDaughter1: Bedtime routine, Nap
12:30 DearDaughter2: Nap
1:00 Choice chore of day
2:00 MyGirls: Snack time
.....DearDaughter1 & Mommy: Choice chore of the day
.....DearDaughter2: Activity
.....DearDaughter1: Video time/Free time
.....DearDaughter2: Nap
4:00 DearDaughter1 & Mommy: Snack time
4:30 DearDaughter1: Outside play
.....DearDaughter1: Free time
.....DearDaughter2: Dinner
.....DearDaughter1: Activity #3
.....DearDaughter2: Activity
5:45 DearDaughter1: Activity #4
.....Mommy: Prepare dinner
.....DearDaughter1: Free time
6:30 DearDaughter2: Nap
6:45 Family Dinner
7:00 DearDaughter1: Bedtime routine, Bedtime
8:00 DearDaughter2: Snack time
.....DearDaughter2: Nap
.....Mommy: Choice chore of the day
10:00 DearDaughter2: Last feeding of the day
10:30 DearDaughter2: Bedtime

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