Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Where'd Time Go?

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As of 5:15ish this morning, the house is all mine again...After 2 1/2 weeks of being with us, my parents caught a ride with DearHubby this morning and they will be flying back home to California...I have not looked forward to this day...

My parents were such a BIG help to our family! They took care of everything, like caring for DearDaughter1, cleaning, cooking, and loving us, so that my time could be freed up to help DearDaughter2 get accustomed to this Big New World. We will miss them greatly!

I am especially sad for DearDaughter1 because in such a short time she grew such a close bond with my parents...By the end of their stay, instead of calling out for "Mommy" in the mornings when she woke up, she was calling for "PaPa!" I know when she wakes up this morning she will be so confused, thinking that today will be like any other morning from these past 2 1/2 weeks, expecting to see my parents' bright and smiling faces...but only to find an empty and quiet house...I did take a video of my parents before they left to show to DearDaughter1 when she gets up, but I know that she'll still be confused and think, "Where's PaPa and MaMa?" PaPa and MaMa probably won't even be in the area when DearDaughter1 gets up because their flight is scheduled to leave at 7:20am. What a confusing time for DearDaughter1...So many changes to deal with and she can't even get Mommy's full attention to help her cope.

I am sad myself also...I normally don't do very well when I'm around my parents for a period of time. It's because I left home at 17 and it seemed like my parents were stuck on seeing me at that age and usually treated me like that, even after getting married and having DearDaughter1. I then would usually revert back and start acting like that 17 year old again, especially the part that was disrespectful and rebellious...This time was different...I did very well with my parents and didn't get overwhelmed by them at all. In addition, they treated me like a 32 year old woman, respecting the way our household is run, and I didn't feel like a child. It was a very pleasant time and it was quite a joy to be with my parents. I will miss them and all the help they were...

Without my parents...
- We wouldn't have been able to get my announcements out within the first week of DearDaughter2's birth
- We wouldn't have been able to have a Welcome DearDaughter2 BBQ
- We wouldn't have a clean house or clean clothes
- DearDaughter1 would not have taken to DearDaughter2 very well because she would have been jealous all the more for Mommy's time
- My 32nd birthday would have come and gone without any notice, but because of my parents, we had a good Japanese dinner and enjoyed a Coldstone birthday cake
- We wouldn't have a full pantry and full refrigerator
- DearHubby wouldn't have new electrical work done in the garage
- We wouldn't have visited with family from Maryland and enjoyed a day with them
- I would have gone through days on less than an hour's sleep, but because of my parents, they let me rest and sleep whenever I needed it
- etc...

So the house is all mine again...As I walked back into the house after bidding my parents farewell, I already started listing in my head all the things that needs to get done...They've only been gone for such a short time, but my to do list is already very long...I'm not sure what all will get accomplished today but I know I have to get through it...I do know that the joy of the Lord is my strength and He is here to help me, especially on this day...He's already begun His help by allowing DearDaughter2 to sleep in well this morning so that I will be ready to greet DearDaughter1 with my full and undivided attention...

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Trish D said...

I can sooooo relate to this post. I remember feeling the exact same way when my MIL left after A was born. How in the world was I going to cope with two little ones vying for my attention? It's not an easy process, and it does take quite some time to establish a new balance, but it is such a joyous time, too. I will continue to pray for you - even more so now!!

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