Thursday, July 19, 2007

Staying Busy and Having Fun

After going through that time of false labor yesterday, I was quite frustrated...A DearFriend had her membrane stripped for 2 out of her 4 pregnancies and she informed me that she went into labor at least 48 hours afterwards..."No more than 2 days," she said. Another DearFriend went into labor 4 hours after getting her membrane stripped. Therefore, though I knew that I could go another week without going into labor, I still hoped to go into labor soon. "I still believe!" DearHubby exclaimed last night at dinner...However, the idea of a C-section is finally sinking into my head that it may be God's best plan for me and the baby.

This morning, DearHubby asked me if I'd felt anymore contractions. I peacefully said, "No."

I also decided that I will treat today as any other pregnancy day, in contrast to the past couple of days where I have dwelt on the question "When?" (Read about some lessons I am learning in "Waiting on the Lord")

As I've waited for our new Little One, I've gotten almost everything completed for her arrival...I looked through DearDaughter1's 0-3Months clothes, sorted through them, washed, and prepared them in Little One's baskets. DearDaughter and I dusted off her cradle and put on clean fresh sheets.In addition, I am trying to keep the house in the ready mode...That means keeping up with the laundry daily and keeping up with my daily house chores so that if I do go into labor, the house cleaning is already caught up and DearHubby won't be burdened by any last minute details.

I am also planning to do some light grocery shopping today to keep us stocked through the weekend. My parents are arriving, from California, this Sunday, to help us out for 2 weeks. At that point, my mom and dad can do the grocery shopping for us on Monday.

Lastly, I am trying to spend as much quality time with DearDaughter as possible. Today, while doing chores, I was still able to play stickers with her, draw with her, and we even got out a new "toy", play dough!!!

Having such a peace over this situation has been nice. It's "freed" me in the sense that I don't feel like "life" has to stop just because I am waiting...

I'm still trying to relate this waiting period for Little One's arrival to our waiting period for Jesus' second arrival. I still haven't come up with a good connection or lesson yet. I know God will show me what He wants me to learn, eventually...


Bren said...

Ooooh the cradle and all the wonderful little girlie clothes look so exciting. You have got your "nest" all ready and now just take this time to rest a bit. I am praying for you...God's will for the type of delivery and if you end up with a c-section then just know God knows best. You are in His hands so stay right there! Also praying for your new little girl (and your 1st little girl. She must be very excited too.)

Dana said...

I'm so excited to hear the news. I keep checking over here to see if the baby came :)

Not to discourage you, but my friend had her membranes stripped w/ her last baby (her & I had the same due date). She had false contractions for over a week and they finally set up an appt to induce her. I ended up going into labor before she did. She was so frustrated.

Take it easy and enjoy these few days :) I'm praying for you!

Thanks for the great comments you left on my blog this morning. It cheered me up :)

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