Monday, June 18, 2007

Living Room Organizational Challenge First & Final Update

The purpose of this project was to organize the Living Room to prepare for our new arrival. I wanted a well organized home before DearDaughter2 arrives so that I won't have much to be concerned about as I learn how to care for 2 babies.

Total Expense during Organizational Challenge: $121.38

Week of June 4-8, 2007:
1. Purchased storage bins for clothes in coffee table trunk. Sorted through clothes and divided them up for Freecycling or for future use.
2. Sorted through DearDaughter's toys and stored the smaller toys in the coffe table trunk.
3. Purchased a "slip cover" for our futon and a couple of throw pillows.
4. Purchased material for storage boxes.
NOTE: #3 & #4 was to cover up the stripes of the futon and storage boxes. I thought the stripes made the room too cluttered looking. The covers I purchased are a solid sky blue color.
5. Purchased a filing box to declutter mail area.

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Trish D said...

It looks great! Way to go - I'm sure that it feels even better to have one more thing crossed off the list before #2 arrives.

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