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May 28, 2007 - Weekend Recap

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What a full weekend!

On Friday evening, DearHubby sprung a surprise event on me. He informed me that there was a motorcycle race on Saturday and that he wanted to go to it. The last time we went to a race was Mother's Day weekend. DearHubby told me about it in advance and so I was prepared for it. This time, I was not prepared for it and I had no extra food in the house to take with. Well, I started crying because DearHubby has left DearDaughter and I to go to a race before and whenever I would ask him not to go, he would go anyway. Well, I really didn't want to start Saturday or the Memorial Day Weekend alone here at home. So, as DearHubby put DearDaughter to bed, I had a pity party and just sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. DearHubby called me in to pray with DearDaughter and I was still sobbing. After putting DearDaughter to bed, DearHubby asked me why I was crying. I told him why. Not wanting to get into an argument as we have done in the past he asked me if I thought he wanted to go without us and then went out to mow the field.

Later that evening, DearHubby and I discussed how we would work Saturday out. I was really concerned about the heat because the temperatures would be near 90 degrees (F) with high humidity. I didn't know if my pregnant body would take it. On Saturday morning, DearHubby still really anticipated going to the race and if I was going to spend a day with him, I would have to go along. After breakfast, we both did some chores (I worked on my Master Bedroom project) and got as far as we could. Then, we packed up whatever food and water we had in our cooler and off we went to the race.

It was actually a good time. We got to see DearHubby's riding buddy and former colleague again and I got to meet one of DearHubby's new friends. Despite the heat, DearDaughter did really well playing outside and wasn't fussy at all. The only time she got fussy was when it got near her bedtime. We did push her past her bedtime, but she was a trooper!!!

We were beat from the heat and since it was a 1 1/2 hour drive we didn't get home around 10pm. We all took showers and went to bed.

Sunday was another busy day! Since I was so tired and sore from Saturday's race, I asked DearHubby if we could skip Sunday School so that I don't have to rush to get out of the house. Then, I normally rest on the Lord's Day, but after church and lunch I went grocery shopping. One of my DearFriends is becoming a gestational carrier and she just received the egg and sperm from the biological parents, called a transfer, on Saturday. I offered to make a meal for her family for Memorial Day, but I knew that if I tried to squeeze grocery shopping and making a meal for DearFriend and preparing a feast for us here at home all on Memorial Day, I'd be pushing myself too much. That's why I decided to have DearHubby watch DearDaughter on Sunday while I shopped.

By the time I got home, I had a short time of rest and then it was dinnertime. That was Sunday.

Today was an extremely full day!!! I had a lot of dishes to do from the weekend which took quite some time. Then, I got DearFriend's meal started. After getting her meal started, I made the Korean BBQ marinade for our dinner and cut up a whole chicken. Did you know that a whole chicken is really cheap to purchase? This one that I cut up for tonight's dinner was about $2.69!!! Wow! It was a chore though getting the chicken cut up into the right parts (ie. breast, thigh, leg, and wings). Of course as all this cooking is going on, there's also clean-up in between so that the kitchen doesn't get overcrowded with dirty dishes. In the midst of all this cooking, I was able to wash the last of the comforters that I wanted to store in a Spacebag. In fact, the last load is waiting to be put in the dryer. After spending time with DearDaughter I started on the homemade brownies (after tasting these brownies, I don't think I'll ever return to a boxed mix.) I had a little bit of down time to rest and spend more time with DearDaughter and then it was back up on my feet to start loading DearFriend's meal into containers and then the cooler. DearDaughter and I delivered the meal, came home, and started on our BBQ dinner! I ran back and forth from the grill to DearDaughter's swing set because I wanted DearDaughter to enjoy her time while we were outside.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner!!!

Well, DearHubby is outside finishing his outdoor chores. We got a Final Notification letter from the Board of Health about our pit issue (separate from our septic issue). This was the issue where one of our neighbors "snitched" to the Board of Health about a pit we have on our property before talking to us about it and if this pit is not filled within 10 days, the notice says "action will be taken" which probably means a fine. So, DearHubby is busily filling this pit this week.

After writing this post, I will do one last chore and then sit down with a cup of iced milk and eat my homemade brownie.

I'm sure once I get rested my back will kill. Amazingly, my back held up really well today and I have not limped at all, but once I get to sitting, then it just goes. So, I'm glad I'm all done for the day.

That was our weekend!

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Sandra said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and Yummy Yummy food :)

Hope you're getting some rest.


Jammy said...

Wow, what a busy weekend!! I am glad it was enjoyable though, and very productive, too. I hope you back holds out though. Maybe some easy stretching might help prevent some issues?


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