Wednesday, May 23, 2007

God's Little Reminders...

Originally posted on DearDaughter's blog on 5-16-07:

Mommy had a really hard day today and I didn't make things any easier on her. I haven't been feeling very well and so I've been very fussy and clingy lately. Sometimes, though, Mommy has so much on her mind and doesn't realize that I'm still a little 1 year old baby and to remind her that I am I cry and cling to her. Well, at lunch time, Mommy was not very patient with me. I just wasn't in the mood for eating anything she gave me. She took out 2 types of baby food and I liked neither one. Mommy then said to me in a very angry and loud tone that I can't always have everything that I want in this world. Well, Mommy gave up on trying to feed me and just made lunch for herself. She took out a bag of carrots that looked interesting to me and so I indicated to her that I wanted some carrots. She cut some up and put it on my tray. Before eating, we normally pray, but this time, Mommy just went back to eating her own lunch. So, before I ate my carrots, I put my hands together and loudly cried out, "PRAY!!!" Mommy looked at me, thanked and kissed me, and prayed with me. After praying, Mommy was a lot calmer for the rest of the day.

Originally posted on A Forum For Christian Women's Thankful Thursdays:

I am thankful for God's reminders "sent through" DearDaughter.
DearDaughter and I had another rough day yesterday and at lunch time she wouldn't eat anything I gave her. So, I went ahead and made my lunch and brought out some carrots, which DearDaughter indicated that she wanted some too. I gave her some carrots, but before she ate them she folded her hands into one another and said "pray" and insisted that I pray by continuing to hold her hands in the praying position. My heart just melted as I felt so convicted that my little girl was showing Mommy what to do during this hard time.

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Trish D said...

Isn't it amazing how our little ones can teach us? Also an excellent reminder to make sure that we are modeling good habits.

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