Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Releasing Our Expectations

I went to Hearts4Home tonight and it was once again another encouraing study.

Hearts4Home Notes for 4/25/07:

Do we trust in the Lord? Of course we do. We trust Him to provide us with food, water, shelter, and everlasting life in Heaven .... the basics. But what if His plan for us might mean giving up things that are dear to us? Our health, a relationship, our personal identity or agenda, our home, a career path?

Here is a familiar scripture that some of us may have even learned as a song in childhood. Let's hear it with fresh ears: Proverbs 3:5-6- Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

Are we in fact trusting the Lord with our WHOLE hearts or are there areas of your heart that you keep off-limits to Him? Are you afraid that if you placed those things in His hands He might change them or take them away? Which might be worse; losing those things to His will, or missing out on what He might have in store if you would forfeit your will?
- Examples from the group
.....- tithing
.....- career vs. staying home
.....- time

Do we lean on our OWN UNDERSTANDING? Do we acknowledge what He tells us in His Word, but then rationalize that it is not practical or current? Name some examples of our excuses that we might use to avoid obedience to His expectations for us. (Purely theoretically of course!!) Can you think of a time when your own understanding failed you?
- Examples from the group
.....- it's a different time, things are tougher for women now, some women even feel the expectation from their husbands to supplement with the income

Do we acknowledge Him in ALL OF OUR WAYS? This doesn't have to mean we have to have a fishy bumpersticker and where a crucifix around our necks, but are we known by our trust in the Lord and do our actions and attitudes reflect His divine special effects in our lives? What hinders us from being a living billboard for His love?
- Examples from the group
.....-depending on our own ability to do the good works rather than resting on His grace

What might a STRAIGHT PATH look like in your life? If you were to assume a "Hands-off' policy for your life whereby you committed to follow the Lord's leading in your life rather than your own, what might happen? Would you feel more or less secure?
(ran out of time, skimmed this question)

Review all of Proverbs 3 and list any requirements/expectations listed there for us, and their corresponding results if we follow His recommendations.

Where do we find wisdom, love, and faithfulness? Dust off that Bible and ask God some divine special effects this week.

Copy of poem we read (did not catch the author of it):

Count it a JOY, Dear One
When life gets hard.
God is doing something HUGE!
He is also proving
That you are NOT a fake.

Be brave, Mighty Warrior.
Your God is with you!
STAND to your feet.
Throw your head back
And FEEL the wind of the Spirit!

God is painting a MASTERPIECE
multi-colored trials.
Go forth and display
Divine special effects


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