Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Getting Back on Track

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DearHubby and I have been sick.

DearHubby is "suffering" two-fold as he completely weaned himself off his pain medication, Darvocet, from his knee surgery this past weekend and he has an upper respitory infection. He's been home since Monday suffering from nausea, overall body aches, knee pain, stomach cramps, cough and congestion, an ear infection, head aches, and vomiting. We're not really sure what symptoms are being caused by his withdrawal from the pain medication.

I have the same upper respitory infection and was feeling very ill through yesterday morning. It's been difficult caring for DearHubby and DearDaughter while also being sick myself and I've been thin on patience. It wasn't too bad yesterday, but overall, it's been a little rough.

DearDaughter has stayed "well". She showed signs of catching a cold on Friday, but I hopefully nipped it in the bud by giving her some Tylenol. She hasn't shown any signs of sickness yet so please pray for continual protection over her health.

Going ons since April 13th:
- did daily chores
- went to my chiropractic appointment
- went into the city to have lunch with a former colleague
- went to the store to purchase a missing ingredient for dinner, some items for my 30-Day laundry room project, and other miscellaneous items
- felt worn and tired -> rested -> dinner -> DearDaughter down -> rested
- went to Home Depot to purchase shelves for my 30-Day laundry room project and get ideas for new baby room
- DearHubby starting to get sick in the stomach
- DearHubby and I really sick, stayed home from church
- lounged all day long through Nor'easter storm (DearHubby in bed)
- still feeling sick, but still went out on errands even in big rain/snow storm
(picked up some chicken soup a DearFriend made for us, dropped off some FreeCycling clothes to another DearFriend as our pick-up person was a no-show twice, and went grocery shopping)
- DearHubby is really sick, especially in the stomach, so after giving DearDaughter her lunch and researching DearHubby's symptoms on the internet, we decide to go to the doctor
(doctor also checked me out and prescribed anti-biotics for us both for an upper respitory infection)
- got our prescription filled, purched Robitussin and Ricola cough drops for my cough and congestion (I did call my OB to confirm these medications were "ok" for the baby)
- DearHubby in bed all day afterwards and even vomits; I try to catch up on chores
- I took all medication in the morning and felt better by mid-morning so I was very productive during the day, getting much accomplished and even being able to work on my 30-Day laundry room project
- DearHubby in bed all day but feels better at lunch and he is able to drive to Burger King to get him a Whopper meal, but soon after was feeling sick to his stomach again
Wednesday morning:
- I was diligent in taking my medication on Tuesday and am feeling much better this morning. I hope to get much accomplished today, but still make the time for DearHubby and DearDaughter

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