Wednesday, April 18, 2007

30-Day No TV Challenge Update #1

Well, we've had some set-backs during this challenge. I was so sick on Thursday, April 12th, that all I could do was turn on the tube when DearDaughter got up and it stayed on for most of the day. Then, since DearHubby and I have both been sick, the tube has been pretty much on to keep DearDaughter entertained. So, DearDaughter watched a lot of TV on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, (even) Sunday, and Monday.

We got back on track yesterday, Tuesday, April 17th. It was a difficult day as DearDaughter kept walking up to the TV wanting it on. She was very fussy and needed a lot of attention, especially in the morning. After setting her down for an hour in her room by herself (normally her nap time, but she decided to play in her crib instead) she came out into the living room area like a new person as if she didn't know what TV was. She'd have a moment here or there where she'd walk up to the TV as if it were on and just stare at it, but otherwise, she did really well in the afternoon. She watched a total of 30 minutes yesterday. I was very proud of her. Also, up until last Thursday when we began our set-back, she was averaging about 45 minutes to 1 hour of TV a day.

It sure has been a challenge, but I'd like to stick with it. I found that during our set-back DearDaughter was glued to the TV and could seriously just have sat in front of it all day long. TV really is a mind-sucker. On those days where we have been diligent about limiting TV time, DearDaughter is "forced" to use her mind and her imagination to play and learn.

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