Thursday, April 19, 2007

Changing the Attitude of My Heart Update

Verse of the Day:
“[Christ the Wisdom and Power of God] For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” (1 Corinthians 1:18)

After going through the "Changing the Attitude of My Heart" exercise, the Lord gave me my first test. It was actually right as I was going to publish the "Changing the Attitude of My Heart" post. I forgot to take the garbage can out to the curb and I heard the garbage truck. I looked out the window and the truck just finished picking up my neighbor's trash. I needed to make a decision in a split second and these thoughts literally ran through my mind. "What's the use, it's already starting out to be a bad day anyway, it's too late, I'll just let the truck go by...No, 'change the attitude of my heart'. The truck is still at the neigbor's house, if you act quickly and try to flag him down, you may catch the driver." I quickly ran out the door, grabbed the trash can, and waved the truck driver down. By this time, the driver had already passed our house, but he saw me wave him down and he stopped his truck and backed up. I was able to get my garbage truck emptied and back to the house in one trip. "Huh, it's not gonna be such a bad day after all. Thank you God for a nice garbage truck driver who was willing to back up his truck. Thank you God that my back wasn't hurting so bad that I could move quick enough. Thank you God that I emptied out the trash cans yesterday and I just had this one trip to make to the curb and back. Thank you God!!!"

Later on that morning, the Board of Health inspector who visited us last week stopped by for his re-inspection. Just to recap, we have a huge pit on our property and had dumped junk into it and our dumpings were reported to the Board of Health. After last week's visit, I got very anxious about the consequences we would incur because of our dumpings. Since DearHubby was home, he was able to talk to the inspector and he was really nice to DearHubby (not that he wasn't nice to me, but I was scared and nervous). When DearHubby came back in he said that the guy was really easy-going and he told us exactly what to do. It wasn't nearly as harsh as the inspector made it seem last week and he's giving us until the end of May to work on the project. Thank you God for your mercy and for sparing us from everything we deserve, like a huge fine or maybe even worse. Thank you God!!!

When DearHubby got up I told him about my back and kindly told him that I may need to take breaks during the day because my back didn't feel very good. DearHubby understood and because he was feeling much better from his sickness, he did a lot to keep DearDaughter occupied during the day so that I wouldn't have all that responsibility on my shoulders and "back". Normally I would have demanded help from my DearHubby, but after changing the attitude of my heart I spoke to him kindly AND with honesty. In return, DearHubby was very understanding and very helpful. Thank you God for being my strength, especially through my husband. Thank you God!!!

About a year ago DearHubby bought a part for our tractor, but it didn't fit and he didn't return it. While working on my laundry room organization project I found this part and asked DearHubby about it. He told me the story and this week I found the receipt so that he could return it and get our money back. The part's been sitting on our kitchen counter for the past week and I wanted my counter cleared up. I asked DearHubby if he was feeling up to a drive and he wasn't. He told me to just put the part in the car and he'd return it some day. Instead of putting it in the car, I took the part and put it in my "out" box and told him that I would remind him daily to return the part. I looked at the receipt and I noticed that DearHubby paid twice the cost of the part so I inquired about it. Apparently, DearHubby ordered 2 parts, but he only received one and forgot to follow up on the second one. I got upset and lectured him about how we don't have that kind of money to be paying for stuff and then not following up on it. My blood began to boil from this irresponsibility, however, since I had already said my peace, I asked myself "how can I change my attitude and what can I be thankful for?" I determined that I don't need to get as angry as it's been about a year since this part was purchased and it didn't even phase me until now. Thank you God that we did have the money to cover this mistake and that it didn't affect the financial well-being of our family. Thank you God!!!

Overall, the day was good!!! I even had the opportunity to plant tulip bulbs! DearHubby bought me tulips for our Resurrection Dinner centerpiece. Though the flowers were already dead, I look forward to what will "spring" up next year!!! Thank you God!!!

Yes, not only is there power in the gospel for our salvation, but for us who are saved, there is the power of God to run from sin and to run to Him and because of His power we are able, able to change the attitude of our hearts and able to say Thank You God for everything!!!

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