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30 Day Laundry Room Organizational Challenge


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We bought a real big fixer upper back in 2000. To give you an idea of how BIG, it was so damaged by termites that when you walked up to a wall stud, it would literally crumble in your hands. Well, after 2 years of finally just working on the kitchen and living room we finally decided to build ourselves a laundry room. That's right, there was no laundry room in the house!!! I'm not sure where the previous owners did their laundry, but for 2 years I traveled back and forth to the laundromat. Though it seemed like an inconvenience, it actually worked good for me, as we had enough clothes and underwear to last us 2 weeks. So, I did a big load of laundry once every 2 weeks, but I got it ALL done in 2 hours. Hey, I had over 10 washers and dryers to my disposal and I always went at a time when most of them were available!!!

Anyway, due to financial constraints, the final details of the laundry room has taken many years to complete. Right before DearDaughter was born in November 2005, DearHubby had finally just gotten the trimming up, shelves painted, and cubby holes painted and installed. Then in April 2006, my father-in-law put in a closet organizer. From that time on things went downhill and the laundry room became a catch-all room.

I am once again expecting with Little One #2 and since October 2006 I have been wanting to organize and finish the laundry room. I've worked on it here and there, but have not met my completion date deadlines. So, I was hoping that this 30-day organizational challenge will motivate me to COMPLETE our laundry room.

Present State:

This is now the present state of our laundry room. I started attacking the "mess" in the beginning of March and have documented the progress. You should especially see the mess I started with back on March 5th.

Plan of Attack:
Overall Goal: Remember that there should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place. To be able to use the laundry room as it was intended for and not for a catch all room. (Currently, I fold all my clothes on my dining room table.)
1. Find a place for the unused toys and clear out the floor area.
2. Sort and organize through the paperwork on the countertop and develop a system to address paperwork immediately. Goal: Keep countertop clean so that it can be used for folding clothes.
3. Set up a place to organize craft items.
4. Attack the closet.

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NOTE: I've been struggling with back pain through this pregnancy and have realized that these goals are lofty. Therefore, if at any time during this 30 day challenge I find that I will not complete my goals, I will not push myself just to "win". This is more for a motivational method to help me get to the finish line

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org junkie said...

Hi! I'm finally making my way here. You have come so far but I know what back pain is like while pregnant. Take it easy and don't push yourself too hard. Is there someone you could ask to help you?

Thanks for participating!

All the best,

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