Friday, February 02, 2007

Praise/Prayer Request (message to a DearFriend)

For maybe the past 2 years now DearHubby and I have been praying about his job situation, whether he should leave HisCompany or stay. Several times he's applied to different companies, but never heard back from them because we believe he doesn't have an Engineering Degree. Therefore, as we've prayed about what to do, we've also prayed for peace and perseverance to stay at HisCompany until there were clear indications that he was to leave.

Well, this perseverance to stay at HisCompany may be paying off because he got a call from a colleague at HisCompany who is leaving the company. He wanted to know if DearHubby is interested in taking over his job position. In response DearHubby told him that he won't give up his own position, but if the company is willing to increase his pay, then he'll take over half of the job responsibilities on top of doing his own job. This is a good deal for both HisCompany and DearHubby because if DearHubby takes over half of this colleague's job responsibilities and HisCompany finds another in-house employee to take over the other half of the responsibilities HisCompany won't have to hire anyone new, which will save the company money. Even if HisCompany gave DearHubby a $10,000 to $15,000 raise, that's still saving the company a lot of money (but I'm not saying that he will get a $10,000 raise). For DearHubby, this is a good move on his part because it makes him more valuable to the company and maybe even make s him more marketable, which gives him more job security.

We are hoping that the company will accept this idea and will give DearHubby a good raise, and as we prayed last night, we asked that the Lord would be merciful upon us and give us this financial help, but to also give us enduring faith, peace, and trust in His good and perfect plan for us, especially if the idea is rejected.

Anyway, our praise is for God's faithfulness in opening up this opportunity for DearHubby. This opportunity couldn't come at a better time as we were concerned that we would need to go into thousands of debt just to prepare a room for our new baby and we were concerned with our everyday needs as our expenditures have increased with DearDaughter.

Our prayer request is that the Lord would be kind and merciful to give us this financial help, but moreso to give us enduring faith, peace, and trust in Him.

Thanks for your prayers,
In Pursuit of His Call

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