Friday, January 26, 2007

Shower Time

Aside from working hard in the morning to get all my chores done before noon so that I can have some rest time in the afternoon, another activity I really look forward to is my shower time. For a long time, there were days when I went without a shower just because I didn't have time. To me it just seemed like another task to get done in the day and it was really a burden to shower.

My outlook to shower time has now changed. One day I realized that shower time is the only time that I really have to be alone. I still have DearDaughter in the same room as me, but she is normally in her exersaucer or playpen enjoying her time of play and so shower time has become a place of retreat for me. It's just so nice that at least for 30 minutes I can stand under a nice warm shower, almost like getting a body massage, and have that 30 minutes completely for time alone.

Shower time has become a place of rest for me and my mind and body is restored with a shower and I am ready to press on again until the end of the day.

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