Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Proud of DearHubby

Last night DearHubby and I stayed up past midnight just talking with one another. He told me about a conversation he had with a co-worker (CW1) about creation during their lunch hour. Apparently, another co-worker (CW2) inquired about the creation and so CW1 was excited to "teach the Bible". Well, it turned out that CW1 was schooled under a different interpretation of creation than DearHubby had ever heard before. He talked much about the fallen angels and used Satan and the fallen angels as support to display how we have a free will. He claimed that since God is perfect all things He created is also perfect. Therfore, it is our free will that causes us to accept or reject God. Then, he drew a circle which represented God's grace and showed how man can either go in or out of God's grace.

Though DearHubby didn't agree with CW1, he did not argue with him during the time of his explanation of creation because he didn't want to display Christ divided to CW2. However, instead of arguing with CW1 DearHubby did challenge him by asking him questions. The one question that DearHubby asked CW1 which opened up an opportunity to share the gospel was, "What is the gospel?" and "What is the heart of the gospel?". Of course, CW1 was able to say, "Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins". As CW1 talked about the gospel, DearHubby challenged CW1 even more about our sinfulness and our inability to choose God at all and that our coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ comes from God's pouring of the Holy Spirit in us to receive the good news.

Well, to make this long story short, I am proud of DearHubby because he is accomplishing the call God has for him in his work place. DearHubby has been struggling with motivation for his job and we constantly pray for the Lord to keep DearHubby focused on working unto God and not unto man. I am proud of DearHubby's courage of standing firm on God's Word when the opportunity was opened to him. In addition, he was able to speak to CW2 later on to add "salt" to what CW1 said and encouraged CW2 to go to God's Word and seek out truth there. DearHubby plans to give CW2 a Bible next and I encouraged DearHubby to take that opportunity to even further explain the good news to CW2.

Where we could not be with God before because of our sinful estate, we now can have the hope of being with God in heaven because the Lord Jesus Christ paid the ransom for our sins by dying on the cross! The heart of gospel is that our severed relationship with God is now restored through Jesus Christ and we now can look forward to being with Him for all eternity!!!!

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