Saturday, January 13, 2007

January 13, 2007

It is Saturday morning and DearDaughter is in her exersaucer eating a box of raisins and hopefully drinking her milk so I thought while she is quiet I would sit and update this blog.

Ha ha ha, I just looked at the title of my blog and it just displayed that I am still in the month of December because I jotted down December 13th instead of January 13th. Time sure flies and in some ways it almost feels like we missed Christmas and the New Year!

Well, we left for Illinois on December 23rd. We had a blessed time with DearHubby's family!!! Dad and Mom sure exemplified the gift of giving! DearDaughter got a lot of new toys! So many toys that I have kept a few so that they can be taken out throughout the year to rotate them. Dad and Mom also treated the family to many meals. The biggest events were Dad's retirement and the selling of their home of 30+ years. We celebrated Dad's retirement at a very good steakhouse, Alexander's. This was the best steak DearHubby, DearDaughter, and I have ever tasted!!! Throughout the week DearHubby and his brother helped Dad move stuff out of the house and into storage. I was able to just relax, rest, and play and watch Gracelyn. We left Illinois on New Year's Eve and after a 15 hour drive finally arrived home on January 1st! We would have made it home in less time, but the gas needle fooled DearHubby and we ran out of gas about 2 hours from home.

For rememberance sake, these are the gifts that we got for Christmas:
Well, our secret Christmas benefactor gave us a total of $100 in gift cards, 2 Wal-Mart, 1 Home Depot, and 1 Lowe's.

DearDaughter got DearHubby and I Jeremy Camp's Live Unplugged CD/DVD set.
DearHubby got $50 cash, $10 cash, a box of old videos, and a knife set.

I got 2 books (The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace and Spiritual Mothering: The Titus 2 Model for Women Mentoring Women by Susan Hunt and George Grant), an antique washtub and antique soap boxes to decorate my laundry room, a Pampered Chef can opener, and other miscellaneous items from Longenberger and Pampered Chef.

I also need to add that right before our Illinois trip, I had a small gathering with some local friends and I got a snowman box of chocolate chip cookies, a snowman door decoration, a couple of crocheted hat tree ornaments, and a handmade christmas ornaments. Thanks ladies!!!

DearDaughter got a rubber ducky book from DearHubby and I, a beautiful dress from a friend, a Fisher Price piano activity table, a Leap Frog rocking caterpillar, a Fisher Price musical chair, a doll bed, and a Princess toy couch.

Well, upon our arrival at home, I was very diligent and unpacked everything (except for DearDaughter's bag) immediately. Since then, things have been very quiet with no activity at all. I guess we did have one exciting event this week when some friends came over for dinner on Tuesday. I was feeling very tired and so I rested for most of the day. I prepared the Easy Pot Roast dinner at lunch time and 2 hours before their arrival began my quick clean-up for company routine. I'm so glad I have such a routine as I wasn't very stressed before their arrival. Aside from dinner with friends, we have had a quiet 2 weeks. I do have to note that I also had a doctor's appointment yesterday and will write about that another time. I've also decided to stay out of the Thursday PM study this 2nd semester and just enjoy reading the books I received for Christmas. Next week I am having a small lunch for some friends and then we have another dinner with friends on the 27th. During this time of quiet, I am just trying to organize our home.

So, that's it...

Have a wonderful weekend,
In Pursuit of His Call

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