Friday, January 19, 2007

January 19, 2007

Yesterday I had a luncheon at my place. I served French Onion Soup and make your own turkey sandwiches on ciabatta bread. The luncheon turned out very well and my guests were happy. However, to keep DearDaughter from getting too fussy while my guests were here, I carried DearDaughter around with me. Well, my back felt great during the luncheon, but later that afternoon, my back felt horrible, as if it would give out any second. So, I put all the dishes neatly in the sink and on one side of the counter for cleaning at a later time.

Well, I was feeling a little bit of cabin fever today so instead of cleaning those dishes from yesterday I decided to go to the mall. Last week I saw that Old Navy was having a 75% off clearance sale, so my main objective was to stop by Old Navy to check out their stuff. The next thing I had in mind was to get me a Cinnabon and a good cup of coffee.

First stop, Old Navy. I browsed around the women's area and the children's area for awhile. There were some clothes that looked interesting, but I still wasn't sure that I liked the sale price. So, after spending some time at Old Navy, I decided there wasn't anything worth purchasing and so I left the store disappointed and empty handed.

My next stop, Cinnabon. I headed over to the main mall and on my way to Cinnabon I ran into Aeropostale, another store like Old Navy, and they were having a 70% off clearance sale. I went in the store and at first I found nothing that really caught my eye until I was on my way out. There was a rack in the front corner with a small "Take an additional 70% off already reduced price" sign and the rack was full of men's outerwear coats. So, I checked out the rack and there were a few black wool jackets that looked very fitting for DearHubby. I looked at the price and the markdown price was $69.99. I did a quick calculation in my head and found 70% off the markdown price would bring the jacket cost to $21. That was too good a deal to pass up so I called DearHubby to find out if he was interested in it. DearHubby said he didn't need it so it wasn't necessary for me to buy it, but he'll leave the decision up to me. Well, $21 from $80 was too good a deal for me to just pass up and I knew if I left without purchasing the jacket I would regret it, so I did purchase it. It felt so good to finally get a really good deal on something so nice! As soon as DearHubby got home I made him try on the jacket and it fit him perfectly! My lookout for sales is working out just great. Now I just need to keep others in mind.

As for my Cinnabon, I did finally get one and then I stopped by Dunkin' Donuts to get me a decaf Hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar. By the time we got home, my cinnamon bread was cold and my coffee too, but I still ate about 1/3 of it and I'm saving the rest for dessert!!!

As for the dishes, they're still in the sink and on the counter waiting to be cleaned...

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