Saturday, December 09, 2006

December 9, 2006

This week was a rough week with MyRoutine. I've been feeling very tired lately and have been resting during the first part of the morning up until DearDaughter's first nap. In addition, my main project this week was to complete all of the Thank You notes for DearDaughter's birthday gifts.

I was unable to work on several things this week and today I just feel so overwhelmed, as if I need to complete them all today, Saturday, a no house work day. I was unable to get to the weekly overview of the budget on Wednesday. It has now been 3 weeks since we've balanced out our bank accounts. On Thursday, I didn't have time to exercise, which I added to MyRoutine and did on Tuesday. Then, yesterday, DearDaughter and I went to the mall for her 1 year picture. We left the house early so that I could purchase some birthday cupcakes for the pictures. The pictures took a little longer than usual. I was starved by the time the pictures were over so DearDaughter and I had some Chicken Teriyaki from the food court. After lunch we stopped by Michael's where I got some scrapbooking supplies for DearDaughter's 1st year scrapbook. We were running so late that DearHubby called to tell us he was on his way home while I still had the Post Office and Wal-Mart to run to. I ran to the Post Office to mail off those thank you notes when I noticed that I didn't have any return addresses on them. So, I just bought the stamps and took them all home. I did however, get some packages mailed out to the T Family who just had a baby girl on Thanksgiving Day, to my sister, and to my mom. It was so late in the day that I decided to skip Wal-Mart and go home. Of course DearHubby was home and since we were running around all day yesterday, the house was a mess! I didn't get to the vacuuming, the dishes, the laundry...and I felt so tired that I asked DearHubby to get us some food from Mickey D's.

So, here it is, Saturday morning, and I'm not sure where to start. What should I do? Where do I start? It's so hard making these decisions because nothing is an urgent matter and could be put off until next week. Ok, so, here are the things I think I will do today. The rest I'll leave for next week
1. Look over budget
2. Dishes
3. Vacuum
4. Laundry - Fold unfolded clothes, Wash & Dry DearDaughter's clothes
5. Run to Wal-Mart
- Pick up bread, toasted oats, formula, and banana
- Consider purchasing breakfast sandwiches for tomorrow
- Return skein of yarn

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