Tuesday, November 14, 2006

November 14, 2006

These past 2 days have been so filled with activity that I can't remember what all was done.

My main task for the week is preparing for our California trip. Part of it is listing and packing everything that DearDaughter needs. Another part of it is preparing for DearDaughter's 1st birthday party that my mom is throwing for her. And another part of it is preparing for the family picture that we're taking. And still another part of it is planning an itinerary for DearHubby and I while still trying to stay flexible to my family's schedule. There is so much preparation that I already packed 2 bags yesterday.

The second task for the week is finalizing all plans for the Sister Encouraging Sister Christmas party that we're having at church 2 days after we return.

The third task for the week is preparing for DearDaughter's small birthday gathering this Saturday with a church family and their Little One.

I have most of the items on my list crossed off but a lot of the items are things that need to be done at the very last minute. I was supposed to attend a luncheon tomorrow, but Mrs. C cancelled, which will give me more time. I am hoping that tomorrow will be like a normal day and I can get some of my daily chores done. I've been keeping up ok with the exception of taking out the trash and the vacuuming didn't get done today.

I have 2 praises for today.

First, I took DearDaughter back to the lab for her blood to be drawn. They couldn't find her vein on Friday and so last night DearHubby and I prayed that there would be success today. DearDaughter remembered her traumatic experience from Friday and immediately gave the nurse her lower lip and then a cry when the needle went in. Blessedly it didn't take very long for the nurse to find a vein today and God answered our prayers. 2 viles of blood were taken. I purposely took DearDaughter to the lab today so that if we needed to go back a 3rd time we could do it on Friday. I am glad we don't have to return.

Second, I didn't have to shop very hard to find an outfit for our family picture. However, I must say that I am disappointed with Wal-Mart's choices for men's clothing. The clothes for men are either work oriented, too casual, or too dressy. I finally settled on a black knit top for DearHubby. I was pleased with what I found for myself. There was a really cute pink knit top on the sale rack. It was originally $15.92 and it was on sale for $9. I couldn't pass up on the good deal so I decided that I would do that for the Christmas picture. I didn't have to look far to find a velvet burgandy tank that I could wear under the knit top. I paid $16 for the whole set. I will wear that with a pair of black slacks.

Well, I feel really beat, so I'll end here.

Have a blessed evening,
In Pursuit of His Call

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