Saturday, November 11, 2006

November 11, 2006

The past few days went by in a flash!

I didn't have much planned for Thursday, but the roughest part of my day was having to get dinner prepared without DearHubby around. I needed to brown some ground beef for the Hearty Hash Brown Dinner with time to get it into the crockpot to cook while DearDaughter was fussing and clinging on to my pants. Her shrieking cries overwhelmed me so I tried to hurry with the meat. In my haste, I spilled about 1/4 of the beef on the floor. I am glad that I didn't flip the pan. Grease was all over the stove top and all over the floor. I needed to get down on my knees to wipe off the floor and DearDaughter just kept crying and leaning on me. That really frustrated me...What a test and I failed. I got up and angrily said "GET away from me!!!" Poor Little One. She is only 11 months old and doesn't understand anything except that Mommy was angry. She did get away from me and let me finish preparing dinner. It was a bit confusing for me because I couldn't get her to play by herself until I got angry. Anyway, anger is not the lesson I learned. By this experience I was confronted with the quick temper I still have. DearDaughter was fussing because all morning I was doing other chores and didn't pay her much attention. All she really wanted was some Mommy time and that's why she was crying. The lesson I learned and still have to learn is that I need to be even more aware of DearDaughter's needs and care for them. Sometimes I am just so concerned with getting stuff done that I pass up time with DearDaughter.

Anyway, I actually had the opportunity to go to the Thursday study this week. I was eager to go because I actually did my homework. I was a bit discouraged about the Thursday study for a time. Last year's leader was a Bible student, very knowledgable about the Bible, and was one of the church's women's counselors. I heard her studies were really thought provoking and so I was excited to join her study this year only to find out at the first study that she and her husband were retiring in Virginia. My disappointment stayed with me for awhile and I carried that spirit in my heart. Well, as I've been pursuing God's call for my life, it finally clicked that the Thursday study is where I should be at this time and that is my call. There is no other study available that I am able to attend. As I realized that this study is part of His call for me, my heart attitude about the study changed and I am now eager for it.

Yesterday I took DearDaughter to the lab to get her blood drawn for her 1 year check-up. It was a trying time as I had to watch and experience DearDaughter cry out in great discomfort. She was actually more anxious about being held down than actually being pricked by the needle. However, the lab technician drawing the blood could not find her vain and kept moving the needle around to find it. I know that must have been painful. The needle was too big and the blood was not drawn. We will need to return next week.

Later in the day, a friend came over to drop off a birthday present for DearDaughter. We visited for awhile.

Last night, I spent some time reorganizing my computer work. We have a family website that was getting too difficult for me to maintain and so I started a new family site on Blogger, wanting to consolidate everything under 1 account. It took most of the night and a little time this morning to organize it. I wanted to get that done as part of my one "room" this week since I probably won't be doing major computer work like that again for a while.

Today DearDaughter and I went to a memorial service for Mrs. W, the woman I visited on Monday. She passed away on Wednesday. Though I had not met Mrs. W until Monday, I have felt an intimacy with them because DearHubby and I have prayed for them. It was good to finally meet Mr. W today and I thanked him for the encouragement that he's been through his testimony in this ordeal. I am glad I went to the service because the one thing that was repeated about Mrs. W was her love for God, her children and family. It was encouraging for me as a mom to hear about a dedicated mother. She feared the Lord and her husband and children praised her. She lived up to the calling of being a Proverbs 31 woman. Now she is home with our Father!!!

The memorial service inspired me to work hard today and DearDaughter and I spent some time outside raking up over 10 maybe over 15 lawn bags of leaves. She was such a BIG help because she was good the whole time!!!

What a time...I am just taking a little break...I'm not sure what I'll do next. I have some unfinished chores from yesterday that I can do or I can crochet. I was supposed to get the chicken in the crockpot for the Chicken Corn Stuffing dinner, but I was so beat that I missed my opportunity. So, I asked DearHubby if we can do cheap take out tonight.

He's out working on compiling metal scrap for some money. He made about $150 today. Good job DearHubby!!!

I will end here.

In Pursuit of His Call

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