Sunday, January 28, 2018


It's been about 9 years since I've posted anything on this blog. At the time, this blog was getting too big and I didn't know how to manage all the different posts, so I left it to use Facebook. I likec Facebook of the ease of posting and I didn't have to format anything. I'm going to attempt to return to blogging because I don't think Facebook is the best platform for my posts anymore. In a sense, you have to be sensitive to your Facebook Friends and be mindful that you're not wasting their time with your posts. In a sense, on Facebook, you're kind of forcing your friends to look at your stuff even if they don't want to look at it. Also, I wish there was a way to disable the Like button. Sometimes I just want to post something interesting without getting audience feedback. Knowing that I would get audience feedback would cause me to check Facebook every 15 minutes and checking for notifications became such a waste of time. I've been convicted to do be more diligent and intentional in my parenting and I don't want social media to get in the way of the job God has given to me. Therefore, I am returning to blogger as my way of journaling our family's adventures. There's going to be a lot of things I'll need to relearn about blogging and formatting and even adding in functions I enjoyed from Facebook. Since I haven't touched this blog for about 9 years, a lot of the links I had has disappeared and the site looks like it's under construction. Hoping I'll be able to get my site looking decent soon.

On this blog, from this post on:
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