Friday, August 21, 2009

Home Life...Today We Celebrate 10 Years!!!

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Things to remember about today:
- When we decided not to go to the beach house vacation in North Carolina, we also decided that DearHubby would not be going to his high school's best buddy's wedding this weekend for the same reason; lack of funds. However, today, as I was looking at our wedding pictures, DearHubby's buddy was in a lot of the pictures reminding me how dear a friend he was to DearHubby. So, for his anniversary present, I wanted to tell DearHubby to go to the wedding, but I knew that our financial situation still had not changed. I prayed about it and asked another friend to pray about it. Well, DearHubby's buddy called me and asked if he had paid for his room yet. I told him no because we were still undecided if he was really going down for the wedding or not. So, his buddy said, "Well, I just called to tell him that he can crash at my house after the wedding!" DearHubby doesn't have to pay for any lodging at all! So, that made our decision easy, I told him to go, as my present to him. He left around 11pm tonight.

- Our lender that we were trying to get the refinancing from called today and after talking to the supervisor of our loan processor, he said he would take the Denial off of our record and go back to their underwriters to see how we can work together to get our loan approved. I just hope they're not going to ask for the world. We still continue to pray that the underwriters will give us some guidelines that we can actually meet.

- Renewed our driver's licenses today.

- Ate at home. Grilled steaks with steamed brocolli and rice.

- Went to my chiropractic appointment.

- Took some family pictures to remind us of this day.


crystal said...

Happy anniversary! I will keep you in my prayers on the things you have mentioned in past post...especially the house financing!

Many Blessings

Rannyjean said...

I know how disappointing refinancing rejections are, we had them over and over in Arizona and appraisels were not close to what we needed. When God told me we would be moving to Washington, he told me what our home would sell for $165K over $40k more than any of our appraisels. Our home sold for exactly $165K. I can't say we squandered all of our money as we purchased a home that needed and still needs lots of work (we have no heat only fireplaces). We are struggling, but I know God brought us to this place for a reason. You are in my prayers and I am only a blog away if you need to vent!

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