Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Home Life...And the Wall Came Tumbling Down

We sent in an application to refinance our house last week and part of the process was an inspection of our house by an appraiser. We didn't think the process would go so quickly and DearHubby and DearFriend H did a quick finish on the addition last night and brought down the plastic wall.



The girls were surprised by all the room when they woke up this morning and after having them play in the addition all morning, I am now a firm believer of personal space! Things were stressful in our home while under construction because we all just didn't have enough personal space and we were all intruding into one another's personal space, "stepping on one another's toes." Now that there is enough room for the girls to play, they haven't been fighting as much today nor have they been getting into stuff they're not supposed to! Even DearDaughter3 could be put on the floor for floor time without being bothered by her sisters.



I also feel like I have a house back and a space where I can work!!! I am looking forward to starting an organizational project. We have bins and bins of stuff that is just being stored in our undone master bedroom. I would like to sort through them, purge unnecessary things out, and inventory and label each bin properly. I am excited that I now have room to do this!!!

We had some undone shelves in our hallway and DearHubby was worried that the incomplete shelf would be an eye sore for the appraiser. I took some time to dress the shelves up and was pleased with the end result.



That's a quick summary of our home life. I'm going to spend some time with DearDaughter1 today on some workbook work. Her preschool books came in yesterday and I'm excited to start them. However, I told myself that I would finish up those preparatory workbooks first, so we better get moving...

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Sasha said...

WOW!! That looks wonderful! I bet you are so excited to have some resemblance of a home back. I can't wait to see it, you know when our jar gets full again. :) I hope the inspection goes well today.

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