Saturday, June 20, 2009

Snippet from the Day

Wow, DearDaughter3 slept for 10 hours last night and I didn't reap the benefits of it, only getting about 4 hours straight myself :(

Well, we own a Ford ZX2, a sporty Escort, and on his way home from Illinois, DearHubby decided to drive with some ZX2 internet forum buddies to Columbus, Ohio for a ZX2 meet. On the way to the meet, about 50 miles from their destination, DearHubby lost his wallet at a McDonald's, around 4pm. As soon as he discovered this loss he immediately called me and we prayed. He found the number of the McDonald’s and miraculously someone turned in the wallet. There was another ZX2er who was lagging behind and DearHubby contacted him to stop by the McDonald’s to pick up the wallet. This fellow got stuck in traffic and DearHubby didn’t get his wallet back until 10pm. Nothing was missing!

It was too late for DearHubby to drive back to Jersey so he decided to stay as he was offered a free room earlier. However, the fellow who offered the room went to enjoy the ZX2 activities, drag racing, and didn’t return until after midnight. By this time, the room was committed to someone else. To make a long story short, DearHubby ultimately found another family who offered the couch and floor in their room. They didn’t get back to the motel until past 2am. In the meanwhile, I, Gen, sat at home, waiting, wondering, and worrying about what was going on, especially since DearDaughter1 was with DearHubby. What a lesson in waiting and I didn’t do a very good job at it. Well, I’m not sure what time DearHubby and DearDaughter1 were planning to leave Ohio. I pray for traveling mercies as this has been such a rough trip for all.

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