Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Project...Master Bedroom Clean-Up Update 1

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We have decided to keep the carpet in the room. When we applied to refinance our mortgage a few weeks ago our application was denied because we had construction going on in our home. Apparently, one cannot be approved for refinancing if there's construction going on. Our addition needs to be completed, meaning there needs to be dry-wall and flooring installed, and not just subflooring, but completed flooring. Therefore, we decided to keep this carpet in so that this room remains in a "completed" state.

Here is the after picture with the new garage shelf installed and the girls' toys organized.

The whole goal is to turn this room into a temporary storage area and so the next step is bringing in all the storage bins of items we want to keep readily available. This next step of turning the master bedroom into a temporary storage area will be the first steps to clearing out the addition that needs to be completed and the laundry room.

Last item on the list that needs to be addressed for this room:
- Purchase bin to store baskets, video tapes, miscellaneous objects, knee brace

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