Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Home Life...Getting Through the Worse and A Big Job Ahead

I have never been so sick in my life as I was yesterday.

Both my girls caught a stomach virus last week, which my friend and I think it was during our playdate at Chick-Fil-A. DearDaughter2 showed symptoms of it first last Thursday when she threw up while we were in the middle of my ultra-sound consult. As the doctor was in the middle of his sonagram review, DearDaughter2 just let it all out. Blessedly, she still had her coat on and made most of the mess on it, but it also got on her pants and all over the consult table and floor. I had an extra pair of DearDaughter1's undies and so I put DearDaughter2 in that just to keep her "warm". On the way home, DearDaughter2 threw up some more while in her car seat. I felt so bad for her because I didn't want to stop to clean her up and told her to just wait until we got home. I didn't think it would do any good to try to clean her up in the middle of the winter's cold. So, she bathed in her vomit for about 10 minutes. Poor girl. Well, after throwing up, DearDaughter2 was fine. No fever and no other bouts of throwing up. So, I thought that was the end of it.

Then, on Friday, DearDaughter1 was acting very different. At first I thought she was just being disobedient because she didn't want to go to the mall to get their update pictures done. Well, I finally realized she was sick when she said she felt like throwing up and we ran to the bathroom so that she could lean over the toilet to throw up. We waited for awhile, but nothing came out, so I grabbed a clean and empty garbage bag from the trash can and told DearDaughter1 to hold it up against her mouth until we got to the car. She didn't throw up at all that day. However, that evening she started burning up, temperature reaching 102 degrees (F). We gave her Tylenol and she was fine for the rest of the evening and even all day Saturday. Then, Saturday evening, DearDaughter1 started burning up again and even after giving her Tylenol her fever didn't go down, so we alternated Ibuprofen with the Tylenol for awhile. Then, in the middle of the night, DearDaughter1 finally threw up. On Sunday morning, DearDaughter1's fever got up to 104.8 degrees (F), but we still decided to wait it out before calling the doctor and taking her to the ER. We gave her several more doses of Ibuprofen and by Sunday evening, it seemed like DearDaughter1 had gotten over the worse of her illness. The fever was gone and she was back to her normal, talkative self.

Thinking everything was over and that we'd get back to a normal routine, I started to feel very nauseated when we went to bed on Sunday evening. I hardly slept at all as I could feel my stomach boiling inside. I started my bathroom trips around 3am. DearHubby got up for work on Monday at 6am and was about ready to leave when I asked him if he could hang out for a little while until I felt better. That little while turned out to be the whole day. Standing up just made me feel really nauseated and I could not get out of bed except for bathroom runs. I could never understand when DearHubby got sick how he could stay in bed all day until yesterday. No matter how much I tried to get up, I could barely stand it and needed to go back and lay down. In addition, since I could not eat anything, by the end of the day, I just felt worse because I was so weak from going to the bathroom 24 times. Well, my stomach was boiling up until this morning, but I was able to eat breakfast. I'm still a little weak from not eating at all yesterday, but I'm taking the eating easy today and not stuffing myself as I'm afraid I might upset my stomach again and throw everything up. However, I think the worse is over.

We're just waiting for DearHubby to come down with the virus next.

Well, as DearHubby stayed home yesterday, he worked on a computer project for a message board that he's a part of. He's posted some pictures on there and wanted to do some organization. When he went to his post he discovered that his pictures were not coming up. He mentioned it to me because we use the same image hosting service. It turns out that some people were abusing the hosting service and the pictures are not available for viewing. That almost made me cry as I host all my blog photos on there; I don't use blogger's photo upload. I am not diligent in keeping scrap books and so when DearDaughter1 was only a few months old I started a blog for my children just to jot down precious moments. Now, I am in a dilemma about what to do about these unavailable blog photos. It is going to be a big job to go back through 3 years of photos, find the right photos, download them on a new photo hosting service, and then put them back on the blog, and that's if I can even remember what picture I used. Do I start that arduous task or just forget about it and move on? For now, I am going to work backwards, starting from the most current photos and get as far as I can.

After assessing the amount of pictures that need to be recovered, I have decided not to recover them. I have only recovered the pictures on the current Home page. It just showed me how unreliable the internet really is and if I want to really save those precious moments, then a hard copy scrapbook is still the best route to go. Therefore, I am glad I still have those stories I jotted down on my blog to help me remember those moments and rather than spending the time to recover those pictures back onto the internet, I have decided to put them in a scrapbook.

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