Thursday, January 29, 2009

Home Life...Catching Up

I had quite a busy 1st half of the week.

Monday was an errand running day in preparation for Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday I had a playdate in the morning, a doctor's appointment for DearDaughter2 in the afternoon, and a Bible study in the evening. No time at home...

Yesterday I had a chiropractic appointment, a Bible study scheduled, and then a luncheon at my house. Blessedly, the Bible study was cancelled due to bad weather and that gave me more time to prepare for my luncheon, like being able to shovel a walkway to my door. My lunch guests started arriving around 11:45am and my last guest left at 5pm and I was beat. No complaints about it though because it was a joy to open up my home and provide a nice warm lunch for my church family guests.

Well, I am still feeling the effects of working so hard at the beginning of the week and so I've been taking it easy this morning, especially catching up with some correspondences here online. I'm even still in my PJ's.

I do have an ultrasound scheduled for 1pm, so I guess I need to get dressed soon, along with the girls.

I'm kind of glad for this low key day and that nothing was on the schedule except for the ultrasound. I'm tired and I need a day of rest.

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