Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby News

DearHubby and I are happy to announce that we are expecting our 3rd child! I am now 15 weeks along and am due on April 18, 2009.

Please keep me and the little one in your prayers as I have come down with the shingles, the same virus as chicken pox. Though the statistics are low, there is a possibility of the baby developing congenital birth defects due to this virus. Please pray with us that the Lord will protect the health of our little one.

DearDaughter1 has been vaccinated for the chicken pox and is protected, but DearDaughter2 was not vaccinated until yesterday after I was diagnosed with the shingles. There is a possibility that DearDaughter2 will come down with the chicken pox. Please pray with us that the Lord will protect our girls' health too!

Not the best of time to share our good news, but we would like you to rejoice with us for another gift of life and to pray with us for this life!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I read my blog through my Google Reader and wanted to post so you don't think that NO ONE reads! :) I enjoy your posts and am inspired to focus my life on Christ more and more through reading your entries. I also wanted to congratulate you on your news!!! It's a joy to bring a new life into this world. I have tried for nearly 12 years without conceiving (although God has blessed me with 8 adopted children), and I think your news is always a reason to celebrate!!! God bless you with a safe and healthy pregnancy for Mommy and baby!!!

Jessica said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful news! I'll be praying for you and your family!

Trish D said...

Congrats!! Praying that you'll all be (and stay) healthy again soon.

Julie said...

Congratulations!!! We will for sure be praying for your family and that you will be better soon! God's already has a perfect plan for this new life! =) And, it's a GREAT one.

Love and Prayers,

Julie said...

ugh, I meant GOD, not God's! I can spell. lol

e_susan94 said...

Wow!!! what a surprise to see this news on the blog! I hope you and your baby are healthy while you have shingles. And I sat next to you in S.S. and you didn't tell me then! (I was late and didn't come in until after prayer for you probably already announced it) :)

crystal said...

Congratulations! On the blessing you carry. I will pray that the baby will be unaffected by the shingles..It is a bad time to get them...and I will be praying that DD2 does not come down with the Chicken Pox. But another Baby! So exciting..


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