Monday, August 04, 2008

Toddler Bed Struggles

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It's been several years since I've struggled with putting DearDaughter1 to sleep. I remember every time she went through a new developmental stage it was a challenge getting her to sleep. Yet, knowing how well of a sleeper she is now, I did not anticipate having difficulty moving DearDaughter1 onto a toddler bed. Therefore, DearHubby and I finally moved DearDaughter1 into a toddler bed last night. We've had the bed for several months now but because she was in the middle of potty training and adjusting to her little sister, we decided to wait.

DearDaughter1 is struggling with this transition. She was up and out of her bed every 10 minutes from midnight until 4:30am. Then she woke up at 7am this morning. Needless to say, I didn't get very much rest last night.

Around 10am, DearDaughter1 showed signs of sleepiness and I attempted to put her down for a nap. She normally does not nap at this time, but I thought she needed the rest. She has been battling her nap since 10am and my back, knees, and feet now hurt from putting her back down every time she gets up. She's still battling her nap despite how tired I know she is and I just need a little break.

I keep wondering what the Lord is trying to teach me. DearDaughter1 really has such a strong will and she will hold firm and fast to what she desires. I'm really so discouraged by the lack of influence I have over DearDaughter1. I so desire to train her up in godliness, but I feel like she fights it all the time and that causes me to lose much patience. Then, even when I pray to God, I feel like He's left me when I am challenged. I know He doesn't leaves or forsakes me, but sometimes it just feels that way because I never know how to face my challenges and then I end up falling to my flesh. It's hard leaning on God's strength and what a hard way He's showing me to do it through the raising of my children.

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crystal said...

Children can be very trying at times. I remember my sister in law asking her dad why it is so hard....he just looked at her and said "God told us to raise them...he never said it would be easy" That is so true. Something that gets me through my days is knowing that someday, all of it will seem worth it because I will get to see the wonderful beings that they become.

I pray constantly, when I catch myself not praying, then usually I am raising my voice or something that I shouldnt. So I keep praying..and when I fall into bed at night exhausted, I thank God for getting me through my day and ask Him to help me through tommorow. I ask Him to help me see only positive things.

My oldest daughter is also very independant and has her own ideas and refuses mine as much as possible. I try to listen to her and I contemplate what she is doing or saying before I say or do anything about it. Most of them time, I have found that what she is thinking or doing is really okay..It is just not my way of doing it. But I still guide her in other ways. And Pray that someday she will be a Godly woman.

Now that I am through writing a novel I will go. But I will be praying for you.

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