Friday, August 15, 2008

Funday Friday?

I have to admit that this Funday Friday was not the most fun day we've had.

I had plans to go to Pizza Hut for lunch, but DearDaughter1 kept misbehaving and to discipline her, I took away the privilege of going out to lunch.

After lunch at home we went to Red Bank Battlefield Park where DearDaughter1 continued in disobedience. The hot and muggy weather didn't make it any better either. Nonetheless, I tried to make the best of the day as I could and salvaged our fun with our walk along the river and a playtime at the playground.

We rushed out of the park to meet DearHubby at the mall. They were having a promotional training session at JC Penny because they were switching over to digital. We decided to take advantage of the promotional and do our family pictures. The girls were tired and cranky and the studio was crowded and DearDaughter1 pooped in her pants right before our pictures were taken.

I actually couldn't wait until this day was over :(

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