Friday, July 18, 2008

Funday Friday

For the past several weeks I have dedicated Fridays to spending the day with the girls; all chores set aside!

For most of the Fridays, we have gone to Pizza Hut and then the park. Sometimes we go to Chick Fil A instead of the park and DearDaughter1 can play in the indoor play area while, I, Mommy, drink my cold delicious ice tea and play with DearDaughter2. Sometimes instead of play, we go shopping for play things, especially at Target because they have good sales there.

Well, today, I ventured out of our usual.

We went to the mall and had Osaka's Japanese food. We all love their teriyaki chicken combo and that's what we had for lunch.

After lunch, we stopped by Border's because they are having a 50%-75% Summer Blowout sale and I had a 30% coupon. I actually had a good excuse to stop by there. DearDaughter1 was so good at home this morning. She went poo poo in the potty AND out of her own initiative, she helped Mommy tidy up the house. DearDaughter1 was really excited for our Funday Friday and she knows how much Mommy likes a clean house before we go bye bye. So, without even me asking her to do so, DearDaughter1 picked up all her toys that she played with this morning and put them away! She even helped out with packing DearDaughter2 up and helped carry stuff out to the car. It was such a thoughtful thing to do and so my excuse for going to Border's was to get DearDaughter1 a reward for being such a BIG HELPER! I got her a $3.99 Little Einstein MagnaDoodle with drawing book for her reward and I bought her a $4.99 Bible that had 10 jig saw puzzles to help with our activities during her daily devotional time. I got myself a $3.99 Japanese cook book so that I can cook a special meal for my DearFriend while she's visiting with us. All these items were part of the Summer Blowout sale and all in all, after using my 30% coupon I ended up paying a little more than $12. I must say that I did good!

After Border's we took a trip to The "Cove" at Lake Lenape. This is the first time this summer that we have gone "swimming" in nature's body of water. I'm still hoping to get to the beach, though! Anyway, it was a gorgeous day for the water and the girls had a lot of fun playing on the shore and playing with the sand. DearDaughter1 really wanted to go swimming, but since I was the only adult with them, I had no one to watch DearDaughter2 and so we all just sat and played with the sand while the waves splashed on our feet. It really was a fun time!

Our day ended with our trip to the gym. Though the gym really wasn't part of our Funday Friday, going to the gym is still a treat for the girls. They have a huge play area in their child care with lots of toys, a slide set, and TV. The girls have a lot of fun playing in the play area and meeting new friends.

Funday Friday is a tradition I would like our family to keep. It helps me set aside all house chores for a day and to really spend good quality time enjoying my children.

I am hoping that the idea of Funday Friday will extend on to "Sabbath" Sunday where we can teach our children how to set that day apart to spend good quality time with our God, praising and enjoying Him!


Susan94 said...

what a wonderful idea for "fun fridays". I might just try that. It usually seems like every day is "fun" but to designate a day is great idea too. Sometimes I am not able to do that on a Friday but pick another day during the week. I just love that you are going to the gym as well. That is my wish to do but I just can't seem to fit it in and I know it's important. Dh's work even reimburses you if you go 120 times a year to a gym to workout. That is another great incentive. Also good for you to go to the lake alone with another adult around. I'm proud of you! I did that a couple weeks ago but my friend came with her 3 children and so we helped each other.

crystal said...

What a great idea! Sounds like you all had fun. And what a big helper you had. Dont they grow up too fast... :)


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