Wednesday, July 02, 2008

From Illinois

The week's halfway over...and I must say that when we leave here, I am going to miss this place.

My husband's parents live in a town near Peoria, IL. There's really nothing much to do around here, but I've enjoyed it because there is much peace. There is a corn field, soy bean field, or green bean field, almost every where you look. Today was windy and as DearHubby, the girls, and I took a drive, I was just amazed at the green "ocean" that surrounded us. The corn was literally making green waves of grain.

DearHubby's grandpa's funeral was Saturday morning. We barely made it on time as we had a rough drive over. When DearHubby and I did these trips alone, it usually took us 13 hours. DearDaughter2 is not used to sleeping in the car and had a hard time sleeping through the night on our drive and we had to make numerous stops just to comfort her. Nonetheless, we did make it to the funeral in time, but the girls were quite tired and fussy. Therefore, I kept the girls occupied during the service while giving time for DearHubby to be with his family.

DearHubby's family had a lot of time to prepare for his death and funeral so by the time we got here, they had already went through their grieving process. My Mother In Law is amazing because she has held up really well while we've been here. I have not seen a tear from her yet. What a strong lady!

Well, the nice thing about not having much to do in a little town is that all there is to do is fellowship. So, we've spent quite some time just getting together with DearHubby's childhood friends or planning get togethers with them. We've also spent alot of time with DearHubby's family and I'm glad that the girls are getting to know their cousins. Though I've complained to DearHubby, at times, that I've been bored, I'm really enjoying all the down time I've had. It makes me feel like if I lived here, even the housework wouldn't stress me out. I've had so much time that I've been doing laundry every other day, been helping a little with the house keeping, and still have had time to spend with the girls, time to spend with my nieces and nephew, and time to spend with DearHubby. Why do I feel like time just goes so slow around here? Is it because I'm just on vacation?

Yeah, I've got to even go out on dates, yes, dates, with DearHubby!

My Father In Law mentioned that Caterpillar just got a big contract and is creating more jobs. So, I mentioned it to DearHubby, since he's been wondering about what path the Lord will take his career on to next.

At this point, I wouldn't mind moving to this area. DearHubby wasn't sure about the idea, but he does like the idea of moving to a smaller town.

Well, although DearDaughter2 won't be turning 1 until July 22nd, we're having a birthday party for her with all the cousins at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow.

Not sure what we'll be duing for the 4th of July, but we do head back home on the 5th.

Just wanted to jot down some thoughts before I lose the opportunity to.

Pictures will come when we get home.


Bren said...

I am just on the other side of that corn field!!! Too bad we could not meet.
I am glad you are enjoying the peace there. I been thinking about you...I have NOT forgotten your apron...just got overloaded. Things will settle down in a couple of weeks (I hope).

e_susan94 said...

Dear G, Thinking about you and glad that you are enjoying your time down there in IL. I am glad you got to go on some dates! I haven't gone on one since who knows when. It's nice to have a change of scenery and also to spend some time with your inlaw side of the family. You are creating some memories for them. I didn't know your dh might not have a job soon and hope that whatever you decide that it works well for your family. I would be sad to see you go after doing all that work at your current house but at least it would be a good selling point for all the new construction you did. :)

We missed you S.School. they canceled the picnic at the park on July 6th and will reschedule for another time.

Julie said...

I have been reading your blog often, just not commenting! So sorry! Will try to be better about that!

We live in a VERY small town and the atmosphere is so nice and calm. My parents live on the same land that we do. We have about a 60 acre spread combined with theirs and my sister's places just in this one spot here on the hill. It's so nice to not worry about crime and things like that!

So glad that you got to go on dates with your husband! We don't do that often but it's just because we don't like to ask not that the grandparents wouldn't keep the kids. It's always great to get a break and have time together, though!

My husband works for Weyerhauser company and they have just sold out the company he works for so we are in similar circumstances. Not sure what our next move will be if his job is cut. Hopefully it won't be.

Well, I have written a novel. I really enjoy reading your blog and your honesty about your life.

I will definitely try to comment more often! :o)

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