Monday, June 16, 2008

A Garden and Father's Day

We planted a vegetable garden on Friday. DearFriend K's son came over and helped rototill a 4' x 6' area for us. After raking away the grass and weeds I planted 2 tomato plants. Then, later in the day, when DearHubby came home, we planted our pole snap green beans. We planted the green beans in an arc and as they sprout, we will place 5' branches and make a tee pee out of them so that the green beans will grow onto the branches and DearDaughter1 will have a little "house" to play in.

We had DearDaughter1 plant the beans and we explained to her that when we take care of the beans by watering it we will see them grow in a few weeks and when we continue to care for the bean plants we will see their "fruit". I am excited to care for our garden and watch it grow because it is a great picture of how God takes care of us and by His care we grow and bear fruit too!

We had a nice Father's Day with DearHubby. Our church gave such a thoughtful gift to the Fathers this year, a pamphlet entitled "From Pride to Humility" by Stuart Scott. There was even a personal note written in it by one of the pastors. I thought it was a very clever way to start "discipling" the men in church. Our church is so big that there are not enough pastors to meet with every man on a one on one basis to disciple them. However, I find it sad that our men, the headship of our household, do not have "mentors" to help them become the godly men they ought to be. Therefore, I thought that passing out a pamphlet with a personal note of encouragement like this was a wonderful idea to reach every man. Now the hope is that all the men will read it!

Anyway, after church, we all went to DearHubby's favorite special restaurant, The Olive Garden.

Then, when we got home I put DearDaughter2 down for her nap and I took DearDaughter1 out for a ride so that DearHubby could get a good afternoon nap. As he woke up to a Father's Day gift that DearDaughter1 and I had gotten him while we were out, DearHubby said, "A good afternoon's nap is really the best Father's Day gift you could have given me!"

Later on in the evening DearHubby and I started to get into an argument. Blessedly, I took the time earlier in the evening to read the pamphlet the Fathers received from church and was very convicted by it. However, our argument did not turn into a full blown argument. Instead, I thought back to the pamphlet and recognized my selfish behavior that sinned against DearHubby which caused him to stumble and sin against me. I therefore collected my thoughts and swallowed my pride and asked DearHubby to forgive me. Before he forgave me he collected his thoughts and swallowed his pride and asked me to forgive him. I forgave him, he forgave me, we hugged and kissed, and our relationship was reconciled. As we went to bed, DearHubby said, "Not having an argument with my wife is truly the BEST Father's Day gift ever!!!"

So that was our weekend, filled with life lessons!

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