Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This Memorial Holiday Weekend...

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It's a good thing it's dreary and rainy outside because that will help me put my mind back to "reality" after such a good holiday weekend!

We actually didn't do anything big. We were home all weekend long and we spent the holiday working. Nonetheless, it was just nice having DearHubby home and the weather was just gorgeous!!! I also spoiled myself and my family by being more laid back on some things and so we ate more junk food than normal and I had DearDaughter1 in Pull-Ups for most of the weekend. Lastly, we made a quick run to Old Navy yesterday because I saw that they were having a 40% off sale for the weekend. I bought a CUTE bathing suit for DearDaughter1 that was over 50% off the regular price and 2 matching tops for the girls, also over 50% off the regular price. Not having to worry about what to cook or accident clean-ups and getting a good shopping run in was a HUGE vacation for me! So, getting back to reality will be a little difficult :( Therefore, I thought before I started my day, I'd get this weekend out of my system through this post...

DearHubby's major project was replacing the shot transmission on our Ford Escort ZX2. He started Friday evening in anticipation of using up the whole weekend. He finished the project after dinner on Saturday evening! Good job, DearHubby!

With this burden off his shoulders, DearHubby took us out for a nice family drive after church and we ended up eating Japanese food for lunch.

Since DearHubby finished his transmission project, we actually had a free day to spend as a family. DearHubby was open to doing something, but we both decided to avoid the crowds and stress by staying home and cleaning our 3 cars. I washed the exterior while DearHubby cleaned the interior. It was hard work, but very rewarding. It was a good excuse to be outside to enjoy the PERFECT spring weather!

The girls enjoyed a weekend in the sun too! We had a lot of bubble fun and went to the park, but the highlight of the weekend was their new rainbow splashing pool! We downsized this year and decided not to set up our "big" pool. It took a lot of maintenance for its little use. The girls seemed to enjoy this splashing pool anyway because it's not so intimidating!!!

So now that I've gotten the weekend out of my system it's time for me to plan my week and get started!!!

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