Tuesday, May 06, 2008

May 4 - 10, 2008

Weekly Devotions: Year 1 Week 08 from MyReadingPlan

Projects of the Week: File 2007 Paperwork, Laundry Room Project
Bathroom Area of the Week: Overall Master Bath, Overall Main Bath, Toilets (dirty again?)

Sunday: The Lord's Day! Sunday School, Morning Service, & Evening Service
Continue potty training
Monday: Laundry, Catch up with chores from the weekend, Grocery day, Call Women's Ministry Leader about SES, Continue potty training
Tuesday: Laundry, Budget (80% done), Pay bills, Plan this week's Laundry room project, Mother's Day Cards, Make Chiropractic appointment (May 14th, 8:30am), Continue potty training, Exercise #19
Wednesday: Bathroom cleaning, Change sheets & towels, Weekly paperwork (80% done), To Do List, Continue potty training
Thursday: Laundry, Laundry room project, Dentist appointment (5:15pm), Continue potty training, Exercise #20
Friday: Lunch with DearHubby, Continue potty training
Saturday: DearHubby's 35th Birthday!

Continue potty training

Laundry room project:
0. Plan this week's tasks & purchase small bin for more storage.

1. Clear out "To Lookover" bag (work on it every night until it is done)
2. Print pics for Misc. items bin & attach to bin.
3. Catch up with laundry and put away.
4. Store cooler.
5. Store nebulizers (2).
6. Trash old computer keyboard.
7. Place tea cup holder in trash bag and store.
In addition:
8. Go through Misc. bags, pack items in bins, take pictures of each item & print all pics on a sheet, attach to bin

Miscellaneous to do list:
1. Send pictures.
2. April/May birthday cards.
3. Mother's Day cards.
4. To Do items in OUT folder.

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