Monday, April 28, 2008

The Universal Church

What is sucking the energy from me? Could it be that today's dreary weather is bringing me down? We've turned our living room into our temporary bedroom and as I'm typing this I am sitting next to our pulled out futon bed and wishing I could just jump in there and cuddle underneath the sheets and go to sleep...


We've had many blessings come our way these past several weeks. I've been meaning to jot them down and haven't had the opportunity to.

About 2 weeks ago, before the nice spring and summer like weather arrived, the temperatures were still pretty cold and we ran out of heating oil. With the prices of gas going up, DearHubby and I decided that since it was so close to springtime, we'd pass up on getting another round of heating oil, because oil prices are comparable to gas prices. We would have needed to purchase a minimum of 100 gallons of oil and that would have cost us at least $330 if not more! So, we decided to endure the last few days of cold temperatures and our house got down to 59 degrees (F). We were very blessed because the warm weather arrived only a few days later.

As I was running an errand during one of those warm spring days, I dropped by a friend's house just to say hello. In passing, I mentioned how we ran out of oil and how our house temperature dropped. Two days later, this friend called me and told me that she and her husband were bringing by 2 55 gallon drums of oil for free. This DearFriend's husband works at the Township's disposal area and once in a while they get drums of oil like this dumped there and apparently her husband is allowed to take it. Well, not only did we get the free oil, but we also received $300 in the mail from my mom the day before. God was looking out for us with regards to keeping us warm! If we didn't get the 2 free drums from my friend, then we still could have gotten the oil from the $300 we got in the mail. What a testimony of how ABUNDANTLY God provides! Thank you Lord!

Another blessing we have are the dependable friends that DearHubby has. DearHubby and I moved here, a place we've never lived before, right after college. We have no family nearby and the only friends we had were the friends that DearHubby made while in college. When I worked full time it was really difficult for us making new friends because both of our times were consumed with work and our house renovations. It was difficult for us to get involved with church and because we go to a bigger sized church, it was easy for us to get lost in the crowd, like a needle in a haystack. Though I no longer work and have been able to be more involved with the ladies at our local church, it's still been difficult making new friends, as a couple and now as a family. We're slowly getting to know people and had a few local church family friends help us during our home renovations, but we are so blessed to still have DearHubby's friends as our friends because in time of need, they are there!

As part of our whole mold removal project, this past weekend was the second step in resolving our mold issue. The first part of the project was completed last week by DearHubby alone where he sprayed bleach on the mold to kill it and then sealed everything in the basement to keep the mold from coming back. This weekend, DearHubby needed to tear down a concrete wall in the basement so that he could start the digging process for the basement drain to drain any water that comes in. This project needed a lot of manpower and unfortunately none of our friends from our local church could make it, but blessedly, 3 of DearHubby's friends did make it! One of them just came home from China, but was still willing to sacrifice his family's time to help. Another friend took off from work by switching days with a co-worker. And the last helper, we don't hear from often, but when DearHubby needs a hand, he is willing to come.

These men worked hard, literally breaking their backs, to help us with this project. They started at 9am and didn't get done until dinnertime. The job included a lot of jack hammering and a lot of heavy lifting. The Lord was very kind to bring in the cooler weather on this day.

At the end of the day, the job was done! I was even able to go down into the basement because the guys did such a great job cleaning it out, as compared to before where I refused to go down there because it was just THAT scary! After all our helpers left, DearHubby said that if he had not had that work day with the guys it would have taken him more than a month to do the job all by himself! That is how much of a blessing these friends were for us!!!

Now, DearHubby is able to proceed with the next step of our mold prevention project, keeping the basement dry!

Thank you Lord and Thank you DEAR FRIENDS who helped us stay warm and who helped us in our mold removal/prevention project! This just goes to show how GREAT our God is and that His church IS universal. When our local church body was not able to help, God brought in workers from "afar", workers, but also brothers (and sisters) in the Lord, helping out one tiny member of the body of Christ. Thank you Lord!

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