Friday, April 11, 2008

Too Precious and a Lesson About Contentment

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Be still, and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)

My little girls are just too adorable and because they're so adorable, I have spent a lot of time this week cherishing moments with them through a lot of play activities and I feel like I've been playing hookie from house work all week! DearHubby is not going to like finding out that we ate out 4 times this week for lunch because we were not home during the lunch hour.

On Monday we were out because I needed to do groceries. I normally do groceries on Saturday mornings alone while DearHubby is with the girls, but I needed to babysit and save my energy for that. So, after grocery shopping on Monday with the girls, I was so beat, and decided to go out for lunch.

Then, on Tuesday, Little R and her mommy wanted to get together for Chinese and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's. I agreed to go, not realizing we'd see them 2 more times this week.

Then, yesterday was the first beautiful day of the season and it was absolutely gorgeous. I'm guessing that it was 73 degrees (F) and the sky was all blue! It was great! In the morning, I never would have guessed it would turn out so nice because when we left the house to head for the gym, it was overcast and sprinkling.

Well, after our trip to the gym, I took the girls to a dinosaur park, where other mommies from church were meeting. I was a last minute add on to the invitation, so I didn't know that we were supposed to bring lunch and eat it with the rest of the group. So, on our way to the park, I stopped at McD's and we ate on the way. Blessedly, Little R, DearDaughter1's best friend, and her mommy were a last minute add on too, and so we kept each other company while everyone else ate. We did get to join in on one of the little girls' birthday celebration and that was nice.

We then came home and played some more. I was so tired that I asked DearHubby to pick up something for us to eat for dinner because I didn't feel like cooking.

Then, today, we went to Gymboree to try out a class for free! It was a fun time! DearDaughter1 enjoyed all the equipment she could climb on without Mommy always nagging after her to get down. I must admit, though, that DearDaughter1 is pretty good at home about not climbing furniture she's not supposed to, so that's not really a huge issue.

Then, after the class, we went to another park with 3 playgrounds!

And then, after the park, we went to Chick-Fil-A where the girls played even more in their indoor playground.

How much fun can little girls have? Am I spoiling DearDaughter1 by going out too much? In some ways, I enjoy going out because it gives DearDaughter1 the opportunity to play and let out some of her energy and though it's more physically tiring for me, in some ways it's less stressful. It sure beats us staying at home with DearDaughter1 getting frustrated because she's bored with her toys and the only thing to keep her occupied is the TV. I hardly get anything done at home while the girls are awake anyway. When we're at home, I'm hardly on a task long enough, before I get frustrated with DearDaughter 1 because she's interrupting me every 5 minutes.

The pattern of this week was an exception and hopefully will not become the norm. I do want to teach my children contentment in the place God put them and if that means enjoying the blessings they have at home, then that's what they're going to need to learn. Yet, our society, in general, is very busy, and many kids' schedules are full of activity, from gymnastics to soccer. It's good for kids to be involved so that they can learn how to socialize and even practice one anothering as expressed in the Bible. However, I don't really want to fall into the trap of filling every second with an activity and not learning how to be content with quiet and stillness.

Yeah, this week was an exception. I see a lesson coming for me this summer, a lesson in learning contentment with quiet and stillness, especially when the days are just absolutely perfect and all I want to do is play, play, play AND even a lesson is learning self-control by practicing moderation. Those will be hard lessons as I know there will be peer pressure to go out and do things...

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