Thursday, March 27, 2008

A No Title Post

I titled this post "A No Title Post" because I just have so many things running through my mind that my jotted down thoughts may be all over the place.

One of my Anonymous readers asked me offline if I felt guilty for saying all the things I had about DearHubby and I told her that I did not. It is still true that I do not like SickHubby, but we do praise the Lord for his illness. DearHubby got sick the first time soon after we moved into our home about 8 years ago. I jokingly told him that it was probably because he's allergic to our house. Well, it turns out that DearHubby's recent illness was caused by a common mold called Aspergillus. The mold caused an infection in his lungs which caused a build up of mucus. The built up mucus then caused DearHubby to get Pneumonia. On the right side of our lungs, we have 3 air passages. One of DearHubby's air passages was completely clogged with mucus and 2 of them were partially clogged. That explained why he was having such a difficult time breathing and got tired all the time. He had 2 Bronchoscopies done while he was in the hospital to unclog the air passages. Yet, there was so much mucus that he needs 1 or 2 more procedures to completely open up the air passages. DearHubby was sent home with a mold antibiotic and he needs a weekly blood test to make sure his liver isn't having an adverse affect to the medication as the medication is toxic to the body. He also needs to see the doctor bi-weekly with an X-ray to ensure the infection is going away. If the infection does not go away, there is a slight chance DearHubby will need surgery to remove the infected lung tissues. However, the doctor seems to think the medication will eliminate the infection, but we'll just have to wait and see.

After 1 1/2 weeks at home and a week at the hospital, DearHubby finally returned back to work yesterday with only 3 vacation days left for the year. He used up 14 vacation days with this illness because his company does not give sick leave and the only way to get fully paid while out sick is to use up vacation time. We're both a little sad about that because we have not taken a vacation since DearDaughter1's birth, 2+ years ago, and we were hoping to take one this year before getting pregnant with our third child. We'll have to be creative about taking some time away.

We are very thankful for this illness and the extensive testing that was done to find out the cause of DearHubby's illness. For years I have suggested to DearHubby that we need to get our house tested for mold. It just seemed like a huge financial burden for us that we never really pursued it. We don't think that we have a big mold problem since most of our house is newly renovated. However, our master bedroom was the last part of the old house that hadn't been renovated yet and that's where DearHubby and I have been sleeping. I am glad that DearHubby finally has a reason to look into this mold issue and do something about it. We are now in the middle of a decision making process about what we should do. Currently, we are camping out in the living room until we come to a decision.

One thing we have been doing a lot is praying...

These past several weeks have been really hard on me. There was the anxiety over DearHubby's sickness, especially when we didn't know what it was. There was the anxiety over how to get to the hospital to visit DearHubby because of the lack of nearby family to use as childcare. In addition to being concerned over DearHubby's illness, I attempted to keep things as normal as I could for the girls by taking them to playdates, the park, Chuck E. Cheese, and the zoo while still trying to keep up with the housework. Then, my in-laws did come for a short visit over the Easter weekend and though they didn't expect me to go out of my way to be hospitable, I had to be somewhat hospitable.

This week, everything is just finally catching up to us all. DearDaughter1 is still struggling with her cold that she's had for over a week. This morning she threw up and had a low grade fever. I'm still struggling with this cold that I caught from DearDaughter1 and my mouth hurts a little because I got a wisdom tooth pulled out on Tuesday. Lastly, DearDaughter2 caught our cold too and she's been having trouble sleeping at night again. We went to the zoo yesterday and the DearFriend we went out with would probably say that we seemed fine, but in reality I am sooooooo tired and the girls are too! Both girls have been really cranky and usually I lose my patience easily by that sort of behavior, but today and even tomorrow, I am going to do the bare minimum of housework and just give my girls the tender loving care that they need!

Then, I feel sad for DearHubby because he's not even over with this bout of Pnuemonia and he thinks he's also caught our cold. Poor hubby...When will HE get break?

Well, we do thank God for His faithful watchcare over us because it was only by His strength that we have all been able to persevere through this time!

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Bren said...

Well what an answer to prayer. You found out the illness AND the cause. Mold is an awful thing. Poor guy. Take time for yourself and rest. Your home will be waiting for you when you are ready. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

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