Monday, March 03, 2008

March 2 - 8, 2008

Weekly Devotions: Year 1 Week 06 from MyReadingPlan

Projects of the Week: File Income Tax Return, File 2007 Paperwork, Laundry Room Project
Bathroom Area of the Week: Overall Main Bathroom, Toilets

Sunday: The Lord's Day! Morning Service & Evening Service
Monday: Laundry, Catch up from the weekend
Tuesday: Laundry, Budget, Change towels & sheets, Bathroom cleaning, Exercise #7 (Thurs)
Wednesday: Laundry, Weekly paperwork, Input Tax Return on TaxAct, Laundry room project, Run errands
Thursday: 2007 paperwork project, Exercise #8
Friday: Chick-Fil-A Reading time (9:30-10:30am), DearDaughter1 Day
Saturday: Grocery day

Laundry room project:
- Determine what bins are needed to store and remove items from laundry room & purchase bins

- Purchase bin to store 2007 paperwork
- Mail DearSister's maternity clothes

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