Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's a Little Crazy

I can't believe that half of the week is already gone and I am just recovering from this weekend! We had a really rough weekend. Of course, it started out rough on Friday because of the lack of sleep. Then, on Saturday, DearHubby kicked the girls and I out of the house for the whole day because he needed to paint the new room. We went window shopping around the area...DearDaughter2 missed all her naps and DearDaughter1 got really restless sitting in the stroller/carts all day. So, the shopping trip wasn't very enjoyable because I had 2 fussy babies to contend with. I thought that DearDaughter2 would sleep well on Saturday evening because she missed her naps, but she woke up at 3am on Sunday morning. I was frustrated because I was supposed to get up at 4:45am to go grocery shopping. I usually wake up on Saturday mornings at 4:45am to do groceries, but since I didn't get enough sleep the day before, I decided to sleep in on Saturday and do groceries on Sunday morning. DearHubby told me to get my rest and we went grocery shopping after church, something we didn't want to do, but needed to. Wal-Mart was so crowded after church that we didn't get home until after 4pm. Crazy!!!

This week's been a little crazy also, but the good news is that we finally figured out what is wrong with DearHubby. Even with a lot of rest he's been getting, DearHubby was still feeling horrible. He went to the doctor again on Tuesday and today got some X-rays and bloodwork done. It turns out that he has Pneumonia. It kind of is a relief to us both because now we know that it really was something and we know what to do.

Not too much else going on around here...Just the same old, same old with juggling my time between the girls, the home, and DearHubby.

In Pursuit of His Call

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